Online Study in Nigeria: All You Need To Know

As a Nigerian, you can apply for online degree program for personal improvement and to give yourself a better career opportunity. If you are the very busy type that cannot spare the time to attend the normal class, it is high time you went for online study. You can earn diploma and degree online without any problem.

You can equally earn these online certificates in any country of your choice, provided universities in those countries are offering online study programs. Some of these universities are located in Australia, United States and United Kingdom. Teaching medium is English and you will therefore not have problem understanding what they teach.

Benefits of online degree programs

  • It helps to save time.
  • It helps save you lot of stress since you will not have to move through traffic to attend brick and mortal classroom
  • It gives you time to attend to other important aspects of your life, like your kids and your job
  • It saves money. You will not have to travel to the United States, United Kingdom, Australia or any other country to learn foreign certificate; you only need to sit in front of your computer at home and get tutored via the internet. Education is expensive in the UK, USA and even Australia. Online study saves you the cost of paying heavily for education, since they are offered at highly affordable rates.
  • There are innumerable courses and programs you can benefit from via these online universities. You can study for neuroscience or nursing or pharmacy right online.
  • The learning environment is far more comfortable than the brick and mortal classroom. You will be able to learn without distractions associated with group learning.
  • The curriculum is highly flexible and you can learn easily at your own pace. You can decide to attend online classes in the morning or in the evening, depending on what is convenient for you.
  • Online study helps you to improve a great deal on your technical skills in your place of work.
  • One of the main problems faced by Nigerians regarding online studies is the issue of visa. When you go for online studies, you will never have to bother about having international passport or visa. You can register for the courses very easily online without any of these documents.
  • Registration process if very fast and hitch-free
  • The tutors are also world-class professors and this means you will get top class teaching from them.
  • There is no better way to expand your professional network with classmates and friends across the globe than this.
  • No need to bother about the living expenses in countries like UK and USA. You may require up to 7,000 pounds living in the UK per year on feeding and accommodation; that is about N3.2 million naira per annum.
  • Online degree will enable you to be ahead of the trend in your profession. You will be taught the latest trends and techniques to ensure you are up to date.

What you must consider

As at 2015, the Nigerian government does not approve online degrees. Even if you cannot use online degrees to apply for Nigerian jobs, you can use it to apply for international positions.

For all you know, job opportunities may come up in a foreign country and you can use the online degree to apply. You stand equal opportunity with any other applicant regarding this job.

What you need

The things you need for successful online study are:

  • Your personal computer
  • High-speed internet

You can equally use a public internet café in the event you do not have access to either of the two items mentioned above.

Important requirements

  • You are required to be committed to learning
  • You are required to spare some hours per week to attend to online lectures and complete online assignments
  • You should be a good personal time manager and be able to motivate yourself to study
  • You are required to participate actively in various online discussions as this will be used as yardstick to determine how committed or otherwise you are to your studies.

How to choose the right school

Before you register with any institution for your online degree program, first find out if the school is accredited or not. You will only be wasting your hard earned money if you apply to a school that does not have accredited online program.

Do you plan to take any technology or engineering-related course in that school? Find out if the particular course being offered online by the institution is accredited by ABET, provided the school is located in the United States. ABET is responsible for accrediting technology and engineering-related courses.

First visit the institution’s website to learn more about them and the exact online degree programs they offer. Find out how long they have been offering these programs online.

You can equally take your search to a number of verifiable information sources too in order to properly determine how reliable that particular institution is. Do not apply to any school that asks you to pay in order to get information about them.

Give the school authority a call and discuss with them. Check their website for the Human Resources professionals and communicate with the at length to find out about the program and its eligibility.

What about students already registered in the school? You should also communicate with them to determine how reliable or otherwise the degree program is. Make sure you communicate with students studying the same course as you.


Online degree fees are very low. The amount you actually pay depends on the school you apply into. You may want to make comparison among these schools and go for the most affordable among them.