Outer Banks Star Chase Stokes’ Tributes To Friend AJ ‘Anthony Johnson’ On Instagram

After learning of the passing of his stunt double AJ Jennings, Outer Banks actor Chase Stokes has made a tribute to him. Learn in-depth about Anthony’s death cause in this article below.

James Alexander Chase Stokes is a professional actor from America. He is best known for playing the lead character John B in the teen drama Outer Banks on Netflix.

Stokes began his acting career in small television roles on shows like Tell Me Your Secrets, Daytime Divas, and Stranger Things.

Outer Banks: Chase Stokes’ Tributes to Friend AJ “Anthony Johnson”

Chase Stokes paid tribute to his friend AJ’s Instagram story today, July 6, 2022.

Anthony Johnson unexpectedly died on September 6, 2021. It seems Chase had some memories flashed up about his friend.

Stokes posted a story on his Instagram handle, @hichasestokes, and stated that he was still trying to process why certain things happen.

Additionally, the actor said that AJ’s passing broke his heart.

Chase poured his heart out in his story and showed his followers what impact Anthony had in his life.

At the end of his story, Chase has written “Fly High Angel” for Anthony Johnson.

Anthony Johnson Death Cause. How Did He Die?

Anthony “AJ” Johnson tragically passed away on September 6, 2021, at 55. He was best known for his roles on Friday and at The Players Club.

The comedian was taken to the hospital after being discovered unresponsive in a Los Angeles store.

Anthony Johnson was later declared dead on Wednesday, February 9.

According to TMZ, Johnson’s autopsy revealed that he died from “prolonged use of ethanol.” To put it simply, AJ succumbed to alcoholism, but his death was natural.

Additionally, neither alcohol nor common drugs were discovered in his system when toxicology tests were done at the time of his death.

It was also revealed that Anthony had tested positive for COVID-19 but had no symptoms of pneumonia.

Anthony Johnson Family

Johnson was survived by his wife, Lexis, and three children.

Unfortunately, in-depth details about his wife and kids are unavailable on the internet.

The comedian had two siblings in the family. He had a brother Edward “Peanut” Smith, and a sister, Sheila.

Anthony’s wife, Lexis, told the media that she would create a foundation in his honor.

Lexis wants people to be aware of the circumstances surrounding her husband’s passing as a “warning” of the lethal consequences of alcohol.

The Johnson family is mourning the loss of the actor and is trying to gather themselves from this difficult period.