Pallegama Sumana Leaked Video: Controversy and Scandal

Pallegama Sumana leaked video has been trending on the internet for the past few days. If you want to know more about the controversy, keep reading this article till the end.

In the present context, daily news updates and videos get viral on the internet. It is pretty challenging to maintain privacy while staying active on social media.

Apart from that, some figures often get into controversy due to their private videos, which get leaked. Meanwhile, some have also become the victim of the same incident, which circulated online without any truth.

Currently, another video has been making rounds on the internet that has caused a stir. The video is about Pallegama Sumana, where a monk and two women were caught red-handed allegedly at Sri Sumanarama Viharaya in the Ihala Bomiriya area.

Pallegama Sumana Leaked Video Goes Viral On Twitter

Pallegama Sumana leaked video has been trending on the internet for the past few days. Social media users have been sharing the video heavily on their handles in which a monk and two women get caught by locals.

Two women and a monk were caught red-handed in a room by people, and they also assaulted them. Not only that, but they even tore the clothes of ladies.

It has been said that a monk and two unnamed ladies were seen getting involved in an intimate moment. Due to that, locals were unhappy, and they beat those who were involved.

The video was captured, and it has been shared on multiple social media platforms, including Twitter. Due to that, it has dragged a huge public attention.

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Pallegama Sumana Controversy and Scandal Explained

Pallegama Sumana controversy has been in the people’s eyes for quite a while now. The scandal has left many people shocked as a monk and two ladies were caught by people while getting involved in explicit moments.

Meanwhile, the same news has two different stories; one says a monk was doing adult things with two ladies, while the other says the monk named Ven. Pallegama Sumana Thera was with his two women relatives.

The incident is from Sri Lanka, and everyone has been talking about it. The monk, who claimed to have been with two relatives, said the group had assaulted them and damaged belongings at the premises.

The news is going viral on Twitter, and more updates regarding this controversy are yet to get updated.

Pallegama Sumana Viral Video Update

According to a report, eight people were arrested in a case that involved assaulting a monk and two women at the Sri Sumanarama Viharaya in the Ihala Bomiriya area.

A complaint was filed when a group assaulted Ven. Pallegama Sumana Thera. Thera has said that he was with a female relative and her daughter. 

Videos of the incident, which showed the group forcibly stripping the ladies and assault, had gone viral online, sparking public debate.

However, those who have been released on police bail reportedly said that they had gone to the area after receiving a notice that the monk was inside the premises with two women.

More updates regarding the Sumana case will be released soon. 

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