Philippine Stindel Age And Boyfriend: Meet Her On Instagram

Philippine Stindel Age and Boyfriend: What is her age and who is her partner? Read the complete article to know more about her.

Philippine Stindel is a French actress who is known for the movies like Going to Brazil and Mercuriales. Moreover, she has also portrayed the role of Emma in the French adaptation of the TV Series Skam.

Some Facts About Philippine Stindel

  1. Philippine Stindel has her information on the official page of Wikipedia as she has made herself very famous in France and other countries by her acting skills.
  2. This French actress has not given much of her personal information to the media and her height is also included in that information. Therefore, Philippine Stindel’s height is hidden yet.
  3. There are no details available on this actress’s net worth. Philippine Stindel has still not felt that sharing her net worth with anyone is essential which makes her net worth completely unknown.
  4.  Philippine Stindel is active on Instagram as @philippinestindel. She has shared 142 posts and her Instagram account is followed by 44 thousand people as she is a sensation in France.
  5. She is of Bretan origin. However, she grew up in Paris and this actress has studied at the Florent course which she left when she was chosen to play in Virgil Vernier’s movie Mercuriales (2014).
  6. Talking about her parents, there is not much information about Philippine Stindel’s parents. However, it is known that she has a step-mom with whom she grew up.
  7. She was chosen to play the role of Emma in the French adaptation of the Norwegian TV Series Skam in 2017 which made her very much famous in the world of TV Series.
  8.  Philippine Stindel is a french actress who has been doing her best to become one of the best actresses in the world.

Her Boyfriend And Dating Life

Stindel has not revealed any information about her relationship. Therefore, Philippine Stindel’s boyfriend remains unknown.

Name Philippine Stindel
Gender Female
Nationality French
Profession Actress
Instagram philippinestindel

Philippine Stindel Age: How Old Is This Actress?

This actress has not revealed her exact but she seems to be in her late 20’s or early 30’s.

She has kept her age away from anyone as she likes to keep her personal life very private.