R Kelly Leg and Back Tattoo – What About Ink On His Face?

The King of R&B and Pop-Soul genres, R. Kelly has some desirable tattoos on his leg and back. So, what about ink on his face?

Do you know? Kelly frequently wears a Zorro mask with French braids. He also dons number 12 basketball jerseys to celebrate his record-breaking album, 12 Play.

R Kelly Leg and Back Tattoos Meaning

6 feet 1 inch tall, R. Kelly has many tattoos which relate to his past memories and stories behind the camera. First of all, he inked a tattoo of “STRONGER” on his left arm. It means he is stronger than ever and his ability to stand still during the ups and downs of life is amazing.

On the other hand, Kelly made sure that his struggles and hardships will be inked in the right side of his arm as “SURVIVOR.” This tattoo represents how he vanished his fears from flying, dare to write, arrange and produce all of his own songs to become the best at his profession.

Back in 2017, Kelly had a tattoo of his face while wearing goggles aside from the Chicago Theatre on his right leg. There is also his popular nickname, “The King of R&B -R. Kelly” down below.

Furthermore, Kelly appreciated the tattoo artist, Kat Tat on Facebook by saying it’s a dope job on his tattoo on 17th June 2017. Besides, he has not revealed his tattoo on his back up until now.

What’s more to that? Kelly’s die-hard fan, Reshynda Baker from Louisville, Kentucky inked the face of R. Kelly. She revealed her tattoo outside the Leighton Criminal Court building on Tuesday, 7th May 2019 in Chicago.

Apparently, a 16-years-old, Jerhonda Pace inked a “Bob” tattoo, which represents R. Kelly’s first name, Robert. Following their separation, she covered the tattoo with a black heart that means betrayal of love.

Did R Kelly Late Ex-Wife Aaliyah Have Drake Tattoos?

R. Kelly’s tattoos also represent the sudden death of his first ex-wife Aaliyah. She died in an airplane crash on 25th August 2001 in Marsh Harbour, Abaco Islands, The Bahamas. At that time, she was just 22 years old.

Prior to Aaliyah’s untimely demise, their marriage was annulled due to their age-gap difference in 1995. She was the mother of their three children, Jaya, Joann, and Robert Jr. They had a great bond during their marital union, but things did not work out between them.

Aaliyah’s fellow singer, Drake gave a tribute to her in December 2011. Millions of fans loved the gesture when he inked a tattoo of her portrait on the left side of his back. Not just that, he showed his support by wearing an earpiece displaying her during a musical concert.

In an interview, Drake said that he never had an opportunity to meet Aaliyah before her death. She argued with the music producers, Jeffry Walker, and Noah Shebib following the negative reception of Drake’s surroundings.

Aaliyah’s point was that she wanted to include him in the album, but produces said no to her. So, she decided not to work with the producers because that was enough for her. During that time, Drake was a struggle in the music industry and she was the one who gave him an opportunity.