Rachel McCord – Biography, Husband and Family Facts of The Actress

Rachel McCord is a multi-hyphenate and no stranger to entertainment circles. Though the youngest in a family comprising of creative and talented minds, Rachel has laboriously contributed to establishing her family name in showbiz. While she may not be the most famous yet among the McCord sisters, Rachel is a pacesetter with an impressive résumé and is quite accomplished in her own right. Find out lesser-known facts about the model, TV personality, actress, entrepreneur, blogger, and public speaker.

Rachel Mccord – Biography

A Georgia native, Rachel McCord was born on October 27, 1989. Rachel and her two older sisters AnnaLynne and Angel were born and raised by Christian parents Shari and David McCord. Their father David was a Pastor who was sure to instill strict Christian principles and morals in his daughters. Moreover, Rachel and her sisters had a modest upbringing and lived in several trailer packs. Like the rest of her siblings, Rachel was first homeschooled during her elementary years before proceeding to higher institutions. It was during this time and as a teenager that the model picked up the habit of self-study. For her tertiary education, Rachel studied communication and media studies at the University of California, Los Angeles, (UCLA).


After college, Rachel decided to stay back in Los Angeles, first working as her sister’s assistant as well as supporting her acting career. It wasn’t long before Rachel who considers herself as the ‘positive dreams girl’, also caught the acting bug. She debuted with a minor role in a movie that would later turn out to be less-family oriented than she thought.

Though an occasional actress, Rachel has since followed up with several other appearances both on the small and silver screen. Some of her notable screen credits include the popular show American Heiress, the 2011 romcom Getting That Girl, and a few documentaries. A versatile and talented actress, McCord has also stepped behind the camera to write, produce and also feature in a short film A Mini Movie. 

As a TV personality, McCord hosted the show Hollyscoop, as well as her eponymous Focus TV show, Slay with Rachel McCord. She also worked as a model and is considered one of the industry’s hottest. However, in 2013, Rachel moved on to other interests, notably launching The McCord List – a blog that networks some of Hollywood’s top women who support and promote each other’s business brands. The teeming online community explores a variety of life issues ranging from food, to fashion, to travel and lots more and has caught the world’s attention. It has been featured in the mainstream media by top publications including Forbes, People, and Vogue.

In 2017, Rachel McCord added author to her already impressive résumé. She published a self-help book Slay the Fame Game: Break Into Entertainment Without It Breaking You. Having established herself as a preeminent influencer both in show business and social media also earns a living as a motivational speaker mostly giving talks on female entrepreneurship.

Husband and Family Facts of The Actress

Rachel McCord’s significant other is Rick Schirmer, a branding executive, and entrepreneur. Though public figures, the couple apparently prefer to separate their professional and personal lives. There is a scarcity of information regarding when, how, and where the couple met but their journey to forever was officially stamped in December 2013 after exchanging marital vows. Besides being spotted together having fun at various times, Rachel and Rick are quite discrete with details of their relationship.

So far, the couple’s union has not produced any kids and it is uncertain if they have plans of making any in the future. For now, Rachel and her hubby are presumed to be focused on building their lucrative careers. In fact, the Georgian model and actress credit her success to Rick for motivating and inspiring her. The couple has apparently found love in each other’s arms and continues to wax stronger.

Among other business ventures, Rick Schirmer is the founder of ViralBrand Agency, a company that has worked with top brands like Coca-Cola, Universal Studios, Disney, and many more to produce popular ads and campaigns.

Other Facts

  • Signature

The youngest of the McCord sisters is not your usual celebrity. For her teeming fans and readers, Rachel personalizes her autograph on each of her books with a Moonstar lip-stained kiss.

  • Pre-Fame

Rachel McCord is not one of those celebrities who stumbled upon fame but laboriously worked her way to the top. Prior to her acting career, McCord began developing standard operating systems as a teenager, and by the time she legally became an adult, Rachel was employed by ADP, making her their youngest employee ever. More so, she became an entrepreneur at the young age of 22 after establishing a top event planning firm in Las Vegas. She, however, sold off the company two years later.

  • Height

The blonde-haired gorgeous model has a svelte figure which she does not hesitate to show off in hot bikinis. Rachel McCord stands at an average height of 5 feet 5 inches and weighs 55 kg. Her body measurements are bust – 32 inches, waist – 27 inches and hips – 34 inches.

  • Social Media

As earlier stated, Rachel McCord is a showbusiness and social media influencer. Besides her popular blog The McCord List, she is active and has also amassed a huge fanbase on other social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.