Rapper A$AP Relli aka Terell Ephron Shot By A$AP Rocky! Here’s What Happened

A$AP Rocky reportedly shot A$AP Relli as the former A$SAP mob member filed a lawsuit against the famous rapper.

A$AP Rocky is an American rapper and record producer recognized for his involvement in the music industry for over a decade.

As a member of the ASAP mob, the rapper rose to prominence when his single Peso leaked online and gained broad-level popularity in 2011. Rocky’s debut album, Long. Live. A$AP, made it into the number 1 spot in the Billboard 200 chart, which eventually rocketed the artist into stardom.

He has released multiple albums and other music releases since then, which have helped him create global recognition for himself and his collective. Besides music, Rocky’s relationship with fellow superstar Rihanna has also helped him make the headlines in recent years.

It seems like the vocalist cannot stay out of the headlines. Recently, his former mob-mate, A$AP Relli, has spoken against him in the media and accused the rapper of shooting him multiple times in a meeting. Relli is filing a lawsuit against Rocky for everything he did, which is explained below.

ASAP Relli Aka Terell Ephron Shot By ASAP Rocky: Is The Rapper Arrested?

No, the rapper ASAP Rocky is not arrested despite the accusation of shooting by his former mate, ASAP Relli, aka Terell Ephron.

Ephron opened up about the incident with Rolling Stone and revealed that A$AP Rocky, real name Rakim Athelaston Mayers, shot him multiple times when they met for a discussion. It was last November when they were meeting at a place to speak about a disagreement between them.

Furthermore, Relli said that in the middle of the conversation, Mayers took a semi-automated handgun out of nowhere and started intentionally firing toward Ephron without any signal or warning. The former mob member alleges that the Rihannas partner shot multiple times towards him.

Rocky was under custody in April for his involvement in an alleged shooting. Still, no details of the victim and the elaborated incident came out to the public, reports Rolling Stone. Nonetheless, the rapper got out quickly after paying a $500,000 bond.

Now, Terell has come out speaking against his High School best friend, and Rocky is said to report to the court on August 17, although he is not behind bars.

ASAP Relli Remains Unexplored On Instagram

ASAP Relli, aka Terell Ephron, remains unexplored on Instagram as we are yet to confirm his presence on the social media platform.

Rocky is a massive global superstar with more than 15 million followers on his account. However, Ephron is not a recognized personality, and not many people know about his online presence among the public.

His social media accounts are not confirmed; thus, we cannot locate his availability.

ASAP Rocky Is A Multi-Millionaire

A$AP Rocky, aka Mayers, is a multi-millionaire with a net worth of $10 million per Celebrity Net Worth.

It further highlights his career achievements and works throughout the years where he has been active in the commercial music industry as a successful artist for over a decade. With multiple hit releases, brand deals, and sponsorships, Rocky is a wealthy rapper with millions in his bank.