Rapper Ant200: Get To Know All Facts About His Music And Many More

What Is Rapper Ant200’s Real Name?

People are more familiar with his real name, which is Ant200. We haven’t been able to figure out what his genuine name is.

When reporters inquire about it, the artist invariably tries to deflect the question, claiming that it is a top-secret matter.

However, his followers wanted to know the real name of their star having, a huge curiosity.

What Is Rapper Ant200’s Music?

There is no way people have not heard of the songs by the professional rapper Ant200. Over the period of his career, the rapper has written numerous popular songs.

Some of his plays are How I’m Feeling, Big 200, Crime Rate, Ape 200, Smoke, Leaked Song, and various others as well.

About the songwriter is also rumored to be working on his major projects, which are scheduled to be released this year in 2022.

Ant200’s Earnings: What Is His Net Worth?

From having nothing to now being one of the most successful artists in the industry, the rapper Ant200 has been building his bank balance with large amounts.

Selling his albums, making music videos, doing live concerts, and getting sponsors from big directors and producers are the sources of his income.

Regarding his money, he has an estimated net worth of around $200K to $500K. However, the amount isn’t available to the public.

Is Ant200 a Girlfriend Rapper?

People say that the musician Ant200 has been in a secret relationship with his girlfriend.

However, no information about it is released. That is why we cannot ensure whether he has a partner or is single.

Social Media Profiles of Ant200

Yes, the musician does have social media profiles and is active on them, where he posts his daily updates and provides updates on his songs.

Regarding his Instagram, the musician’s profile name is “@ant200_,” with a fan following of around 39k.