RHOSLC: Angie Harrington Husband Chris Harrington -Net Worth Age and Wikipedia

Who Is Angie Harrington Husband Chris Harrington? She joined that cast of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Season 2. Here is what we know about Angie so far.

Harrington is an American influencer and fashion and lifestyle blogger. She was brought onto the RHOSLC as Lisa Barlow’s friend. They have been friends for over two decades and first met when they were around 17 years old and working at a call center. Lisa and Angie bonded over their love for fast food and their gift for chatter.

In the show, all the housewives showed up to Harrington’s fundraiser for Encircle. The theme was 1970s gambling, and Angie loaned out diamond necklaces for the night. The RHOSLC Season 2 premiered on September 12, 2021, on Bravo.

Meet Angie Harrington Husband Chris Harrington

Angie’s husband, Chris Harrington, is the CRO of a software company called Entrata.

They got married in 2017, and the couple has one son, Hart. Angie has two more children from her previous>Screen Rant.

The couple currently does not practice Mormonism. Although the Mormon community is trying to understand and accept the LGBTQIA+ community, they decide to stop practicing it until the laws were equal for everyone. Harrington has hinted that she might go back to practicing Mormonism in the future, but it does not serve their lifestyle at present.

Their second child is transgender, and both Chris and Angie have helped create awareness by raising funds and organizing charity to help the community.

Angie’s ex-husband is Bret Engemann, the former BYU quarterback.

What Is Angie Harrington Net Worth?

Angie’s net worth might be hefty as she works as a fashion and lifestyle blogger.

It was assumed that she might be a member of the cast in Season 1, but it did not pan out. Harrington first appeared on the show on October 3, 2021, and fans are already obsessed with her, reports The Things.

Is Angie Harrington On Wikipedia?

Although a famous personality, Angie is not on Wikipedia.

However, she is active on Instagram under the username @angieharrington. According to her Instagram bio, she is a fashion, lifestyle, and amateur ufologist. Angie uploads several pictures with her family and children on the social media platform.

Angie Harrington’s age might be in the mid-40s. She is a distant relative of Whitney Rose.