Romeo Santos’ Dating History

Born on July 21, 1981, Anthony Romeo Santos is a popular lyricist and maker. He rose to notoriety because of his jobs as the fundamental vocalist and the substance of his gathering, Aventura. In 2002, the tune “Obsesión” burned through about four months at the highest point of the Italian outlines. Before the gathering disbanded, he recorded a few collections with Aventura.

Santos has famously stayed quiet about his own life, however consistently at the center of attention. Also, consequently, many individuals are interested about his life behind the mics and cameras. We should figure it out.

Romeo Santos’ Dating History There is practically no data about his dating history scouring the web. Romeo freely dated four ladies in his day to day existence, in particular Gloribel, Alexandra Cheron, Amelia Vega, and Vicky Xipolitakis. Romeo’s originally realized relationship follows back to the Dominican model Amelia Vega. Their relationship would most recent a year prior to the possible separation.

The justification behind their split remaining parts obscure.

After his separation with Vega the next year, Romeo would take part in another relationship. This time with Dominican Entertainer Alexandra Cheron.

Like his relationship with Vega, the two would separate a year after the fact. Furthermore, understanding the example, the justification behind the separation is likewise obscure.

Other than those two, different two have no data about their relationship with Santos.

Notwithstanding, it is conjectured that Gloribel dated the vocalist slice entertainer at some point around 2013.

Romeo Santos’ Children Notwithstanding being an extremely confidential individual, Romeo would incidentally get some margin to tell his fans up with his life.

In Walk 2019, Romeo shared a photograph of his child named Alex and another newborn child by means of Instagram. In his post, he likewise reminded everybody to remain at home for their wellbeing.

Romeo Santos’ Significant other To who the ‘child mother’ of his kids stays a secret right up ’til now. As per bits of gossip, the mother of his kids is some lady named Samantha Medina, whom he wedded very early on yet severed it not long after.

At the present time, fans could just hypothesize and trust that the bits of gossip will be covered with light.