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Romesh Ranganathan is a popular Bristhc joke artist Crawley. Some even call him to be the most prevalent individual in the town. Subsequent to doing standup parody, he is back as the host of a game show called Weakest Link.

English humorist Romesh Ranganathan has an eye condition called right-sided ptosis. The infections caused the dropping of his upper eyelid. At the point when he was a youngster, he experienced a serious disease that changed his eye for the most noticeably terrible. He called it a Lazy eye.

Semi-secret to most, there isn’t anything weight with his eyeball. It’s just his eyelid that obscures a touch of his cornea. Coming from a Hindu family, his childhood was severe.

Jonathan Romesh Ranganathan

23 March 1978 (age 43)

Crawley, West Sussex, England
Spouse(s) Leesa Ranganathan
Children 3
Parent(s) Shanthi Ranganathan
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Fiasco stuck his glad family when his dad got sentenced for extortion. They reviewed those fierce occasions of visiting his dad in jail and what it meant for him.  Jonathan Romesh Ranganathan was born to a Sri Lankan family on 23rd March 1978, making him 43 years of age.

Discussing his English name, his folks settled on his future. He experienced childhood in his old neighborhood in West Sussex as the senior brother of Dinesh. Afterward, he graduated with a degree in mathematic from Birbeck College and educated at Hazelwick School.

Semi-secret to most, he had yearnings of being a free-form rapper, working under the name Ranga. Romesh Ranganathan is cheerfully hitched to his better half of numerous years, Leesa. She is an English woman.

The couple met when they were the two instructors at Hazelwick School. As they got hitched in 2009, they have commended 12 years of fellowship. To be sure, he adores her to bits and regularly discusses her in his standup specials. Fans can’t resist the urge to cherish the dynamic among her and her mother by marriage.

The pair is guardians to three lovely young men: Charlie, Theo, and Alex. Romesh Ranganathan isn’t determined to have disease. However, it was his understudy that got determined to have it at 30 years old.

The previous instructor took to his Twitter record to share the GoFundMe page to give her monetary help. The veggie lover man requested that his 600k supporters give a couple of bucks to the great goal. The mission was effective as they above raised over 31k euros.