Ron Barassi children: Meet Richard Barassi, Susan Barassi & Ron Barassi Jr

The legacy of Ronald Dale Barassi AM, a titan in the world of Australian rules football, transcends not only his achievements on the field but also the enduring bonds he formed within his family. As we remember his remarkable life and contributions to the sport, let’s take a moment to meet the three children who were part of his cherished family circle – Richard Barassi, Susan Barassi, and Ron Barassi Jr.

Ron Barassi Jr.: The youngest of Ron Barassi’s children, Ron Barassi Jr., was born on June 23, 1962, and is currently 61 years old. He, too, has walked a path influenced by the legacy of a father who left an indelible mark on Australian rules football. Ron Jr. carries forward the name and the values instilled by his legendary father, contributing his own unique chapter to the Barassi family story.

Ron Barassi’s influence extended far beyond the football field, touching the lives of his children and inspiring them in their own pursuits. As we remember Ron Barassi’s incredible career, let us also acknowledge the family that stood by his side, supporting his dreams and sharing in his triumphs.

The Barassi name will forever be associated with the rich tapestry of Australian rules football history, and it is with gratitude and admiration that we recognize the enduring legacy of Ron Barassi and the family he held dear.