Rooney Rule Meaning Explained, Brian Flores and Bill Belichick Texts and Lawsuit

Rooney Rule is the policy that requires NFL teams to interview candidates who belong to the minority. Brian Flores believes the policy has not been followed by the teams.

Brian Flores has filed a lawsuit against the NFL and three teams on the first day of Black history month.

The former head coach of the Miami Dolphins was put on an interview by New York Giants just for the sake of a formality as the team had already decided whom to choose as their head coach.

The veteran coach has backed up his lawsuit with his recent experience and the screenshots of a conversation he had with Bill Belichick.

Flores mentioned the violation of the Rooney Rule which should have been followed by the team.

Football fans are supporting Flores and are aware of the incident that had occurred with him but could not understand the mentioning of the Rooney Rule. Here we discuss both things.

Rooney Rule Meaning Explained

Rooney Rule is the policy that allows minority people to have an equal opportunity to land the job of coaching and senior management in NFL teams.

The teams are required to interview a diverse range of candidates, mostly ethnic minorities for the job placement.

Cited as the positive action for equality, Rooney Rule allows teams to choose the best candidate with several ethnic backgrounds and not rule out being a minority.

Rooney Rule, first introduced in 2003 was named after the former owner of Pittsburgh Steelers Dan Rooney. The policy was created after the firings of head coach Tony Dungy and Dennis Green from Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Minnesota Vikings respectively in 2002 despite having great records with the team.

The Rule allowed several African-American coaches to land a job at the senior positions as the teams were required to interview at least one or more minority candidates before making a hire.

Now, Brian Flores has taken the NFL industry by storm with his recent lawsuit for the team violating the Rule. Let’s find what led him to sue teams in our next topic.

Brian Flores And Bill Belichick Texts And Lawsuit

Brian Flores and Bill Belichick shared text messages which allowed Flores to file a lawsuit against NFL and three teams.

The screenshots of the text messages show Belichick congratulating Flores for landing the job as head coach of the New York Giants. Flores had not been interviewed by the time he received the good news.

However, Flores asked Belichick is if he was congratulating Brian Daboll, which Belichick quickly realized. Flores found out he was about to give an interview just for the sake of formality.

After the humiliating and heart-wrenching incident, Flores decided to file a lawsuit against NFL and 3 teams for the alleged racial discrimination.

He has not talked to Belichick since filing the lawsuit and sharing the screenshots with the media.

Brian Flores History

Brian Flores is a former professional head coach for New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins.

The Honduras-American descent Flores is a decade-long veteran coach. He was fired by the Dolphins despite the winning record of 9-8 in the past season.