Salary Of A 2nd Lieutenant in Nigerian Army

Have you been dreaming of joining the military at some stage in your life? You may then want to know how much a second lieutenant earns in the Nigerian army.  The salary earned in the Nigerian army increases as your rank increases. You may already know that you are made a second lieutenant immediately you graduate from the Nigerian Defense Academy.

Some people are giving the impression that the men and officers of the Nigerian army are being paid real heavy sum on monthly basis. This is not so in the least. The amount they are paid is very small compared to the heavy task they perform in protecting the lives of Nigerians and defending the integrity of Nigerian borders.

Aside the rank, the number of years in service also determines how much the Nigerian soldier is paid on monthly basis.

Once you graduate from NDA, you will be paid sum of N120,000 as  Second Lieutenant.  This may seem to be a very small amount, but you will agree it is actually big if you compare it with what lower cadres of men in the Nigerian Army are being paid.

For one, a Private, which is the lowest rank in the Nigerian army, is being paid maximum of N49,000 every month, while a corporal earns N58,000 monthly.