Samantha Weinstein Sister: Who is Sabrina Weinstein?

Sabrina Weinstein is the sister of the late Canadian actress, Samantha Weinstein.

After two and a half years of cancer treatment, and a lifetime of jet setting around the world, voicing a plethora of cartoon animals, making music, and knowing more about life than most people ever will, she is off on her next adventure,” a statement by the family read.

Samantha Weinstein reportedly died on May 14, 2023, from cancer. She was diagnosed with cancer in 2021 when she was just 25 years old. Her death was announced by her family via a social media post.

Sabrina Weinstein age

How old is Sabrina Weinstein? What is Sabrina Weinstein’s age? Sabrina Weinstein’s real age is not yet known, but she is believed to be in her early 30s.

Sabrina Weinstein profession

What is Sabrina Weinstein’s profession? What does Sabrina Weinstein do for a living? What does Sabrina Weinstein do for work? Sabrina Weinstein is a Stage Manager and Theatre Producer.

Sabrina Weinstein Instagram

Is Sabrina Weinstein on Instagram? What is Sabrina Weinstein’s Instagram handle? Sabrina Weinstein is on Instagram as @brinabea but her account is private. She has almost 300 followers on the Facebook-owned platform.