San Francisco School Board Member Faauuga Moliga Ousted After Election Result Under Parental Pressure

Faauuga Moliga is a member of the San Francisco Unified School District’s Board of Education.

On January 8, 2019, Moliga took office. The current term of Moliga expires on January 8, 2023.

Following graduation, Moliga was hired as a therapist at June Jordan High School by Richmond Area Multi-Services.

He now works with the Department of Public Health Community Wellness Program, where he helps to establish wellness centers for the HOPE SF program and once a week offers trauma-informed practices to kids at Downtown High School.

Who Is San Francisco School Board Faauuga Moliga?

Faauuga Moliga is a native of San Francisco and a graduate of the San Francisco Unified School District.

He grew up in public housing with his family in the San Francisco districts of Bernal Heights and Hunter’s Point.

As a student at Paul Revere Elementary, Burbank Middle School, McAteer High School, Downtown High Continuation, John Adams, and eventually Balboa High School, he received firsthand knowledge of the SFUSD.

As a parent of children who attend public schools, he would later grow to appreciate the value of public education even more.

Is Faauuga Moliga On Wikipedia?

Faauuga Moliga hasn’t been featured on the official site of Wikipedia.

Moliga graduated from San Jose State University with a bachelor’s degree in Justice Studies. He dropped out of law school after he realized that just five of the 55 Pacific Islanders at Burton had a 2.00 GPA.

Moliga founded Take Out Until Completely Healed in response to a shortage of assistance for Pacific Islander students (TOUCH).

He led a six-year program that supported over a hundred young women in a single year, resulting in a 90 percent college transition rate for all seniors.

TOUCH participants have gone on to UCLA, Harvard, Smith College, and UC Riverside to further their education.

Faauuga Moliga LinkedIn Status

Faauuga Moliga has a LinkedIn profile under his name. He has over 500 connections on the profile.

To assist persistently truant kids, Moliga created the Center for Academic Re-entry Empowerment Center, a student advocacy program.

Following that, he worked with Burton High School to improve attendance and lower the school’s dropout rate. Faauuga also lent his support to the PUMA Prevent project to address while at Burton.

Following his work with Burton, Moliga pursued a degree in social work with a focus on mental health and social justice at San Jose State University, interned with the SFUSD Student Intervention Team.

He spent a school year at Carver Elementary, where he provided school-wide support systems and individual counseling to students and educators.

Details On Faauuga Moliga Election Results Reports

There is no official information about Faauuga Moliga’s election results.

Faauuga launched his candidacy for Assembly District 19 on the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee in August 2019.

David Campos, Jane Kim, Manu Raju, Gordon Mar, Shanell Williams, Bevan Dufty, Matt Haney, Hillary Ronan, Honey Mahogany, and Rafael Mandelman were among the candidates on his countywide list.

Labor unions, environmental groups, and local Democratic clubs all endorsed Faauuga. Faauuga was elected to the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee in the spring of 2020 despite running in a district that was diametrically opposed to his political base of support.

Know About Faauuga Moliga Family

Faauuga is the proud father of three kids. His two girls are enrolled in public schools in the San Francisco area.

His kid attended public school outside of the city as well but now attends a San Francisco private high school.

Besides this information, there are no other details related to his family.