Is Sanela Sabovic In A Relationship Again?

As of right now, she’s single and content to spend time with her close friends and family members as a bachelor. She chooses to spend her time working on her career instead of worrying about a love connection.

However, she had previously been married, thus she was not a bachelor throughout her life.

Nicolas John Lupo, her longtime flame, became her husband, although her ex-husband is not found in the media. It’s also unclear how or when they first got to know one another or started dating.

They have two children together as a result of their relationship. On 9 March 2020, her spouse filed for divorce from her after their relationship began to deteriorate. 

In Broward County Circuit Courts in Florida, the case was commenced.

Sanela Sabovic Current Relationship

Sanela Sabovic maintains a strict level of secrecy about her private life. She has been able to keep everything confidential, from not revealing her birth date to keeping her children out of the media spotlight.

To be clear, the WMAQ NBC 5 production assistant has never been linked to any extramarital affairs. Neither her personal nor professional life has been the subject of any controversy or scandal during her time.

As a result, Sabovic is living a normal life with her family while focusing on her career. Hopefully, she will discover the guy of her dreams shortly.

The star broadcaster and her family have been able to maintain a sustainable lifestyle because of her years of hard work and devotion to her career.

Sanela Sabovic Instagram Pictures

Social media is where Sanela Sabovic’s most likely to be found these days.

Her Twitter handle is @sanelawplg, and she has over 2.3k followers. She has over 2.7k followers on her unverified Instagram account, @sanelawplg. Her name is also on an unverified Facebook page with 1.8k followers.

On Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube during the past several months, she has gained a large following with thousands of active followers.

With the use of her Instagram handle, she keeps her followers up to date on the latest news in the journalism industry by posting pictures and videos of the events they’re following.

Because of this, her Instagram feed is filled with the newest headlines, along with a few of her images.