Sasha Sokol Father Michael Sokol & Family, Meet The Actress’s Parents

The vocalist framed a gathering of seven individuals in 1982, and this is the way she started her singing profession.

With Timbiriche, she distributed seven collections, procuring 25 gold and ten platinum collections. She then, at that point, left Timbiriche and moved to Boston, Massachusetts, to seek after her acting vocation.

Sasha Sokol Familia(Family): Meet Her Padres(Father) Michael Sokol And Parents Details Sasha Sokol is a vocalist from Mexico. Magdalena Cuillery is her dad’s name, and Miguel Sokol is her mom’s. Michael, Alexandra, and Ximena are her three kin’s names.

Sokol’s folks split while she was a baby, and her mom wedded Televisa leader Fernando Diez Barroso.

Sasha Diez Barroso was her given name as a youth, yet she presently goes by Sokol, her dad’s family name. She went to Colegio Peterson and afterward Televisa’s Centro de Educación Artstica (CEA).

Luis de Llano Macedo, a music and TV maker, was projecting for a Mexican adaptation of Parchs, and Sökol was holding castings at the CEA.

Sokol has two sisters, Alexandra and Ximena Diez Barroso, and one brother, Michel Sokol Cuillery.

Sasha Sokol Wikipedia And Age Explored Indeed, Sasha Sokol has a Wikipedia page.

On June 17, 1970, Sasha Sokol was born in Mexico City. As in the year 2022, she was 51. Sasha Sokol is a dedicated adherent of Jesus Christ. Leo is her horoscope sign. Moreover, Sasha Sokol is her original name. she stands 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs 65 kilograms.

Sasha Sokol is a vocalist from Mexico. She started her singing vocation in 1982 when she picked seven individuals. With Timbirich, she distributed seven collections, procuring her 25 gold and ten platinum collections.

Timbiriche gathered respects from El Heraldo and TVyNovelas. Sökol showed up in Vaselina as Sandy, the Spanish-language interpretation of Grease, with Timbiriche in 1984. She left Timbiriche in 1986 to seek after her acting profession in Boston, Massachusetts.

Meet Sasha Sokol On Instagram The artist has a checked Instagram account under the name @sashasokolova.

The craftsman has 282 Instagram posts; the vast majority of them are about her singing profession and her shocking and hypnotizing self-pictures.

Via online media, the craftsman has a sum of 236k adherents, with a sum of 567.

Sasha has sung an assortment of tunes. She additionally shared her photos on Instagram. Sasha Sokol is additionally functioning as a model.