Sean Combs (Puff Daddy), wife, girlfriend, children, age, family, is he gay?

The history of American hip-hop cannot be complete without the mention of Sean Combs. Aka Puff Daddy, P Diddy, Brother Love, et al., Combs is a hip-hop mogul who has achieved massive success that many in the industry can only dream of. P Diddy has an estimated fortune of over $820 million and speculation is that he could become one of hip-hop’s first billionaires. Granted, Diddy became a phenomenon as a result of his musical endeavors, but instead of disappearing like the rest when he quit making music, Combs showed the world that he had all the business savvy. Apart from his jaw-dropping wealth, another aspect of Sean Combs life that is getting a lot of attention is his personal life which this article aims to discuss.

Age and early life

Sean John Combs was born on November 4, 1969 in Harlem, New York City, New York. He was born to Melvin Earl Combs and Janice Combs (née Smalls). Sean’s father, Melvin, died when he was just 2 years old. His mum had told him that he had died in a car accident but Sean as an adult would discover that his father had been murdered because of his involvement in a drug deal gone wrong at 33.

Janice worked multiple jobs to get Combs through school all the way to college at Howard University. Combs was raised as a Roman Catholic and attended all-boys Catholic high school, Mount Saint Michael Academy, graduating in 1987. His nickname Puff Daddy originated from his childhood. It was given to him by peers because of the anger issues he had. Diddy huffed and huffed to make his body bigger when he was angry.

The family of Sean Combs (Puff Daddy); Wife, girlfriend, children

He is very rich, handsome and famous and there is one thing synonymous with these men – multiple women and Seam Combs has had his fair share of girlfriends over the years. Although in recent years Cassie Ventura has been the only woman who comes to mind whenever the subject of Seam Comb’s romantic life is mentioned, the hip-hop mogul has had plenty of other women in his life. .

Three of these women made Combs a father of 6, including an adopted son. The first woman the media knew Sean Combs for was Misa Hylton-Brim, a designer who was his high school sweetheart. She gave birth to her first son Justin in 1993. Justin Combs was educated at UCLA and played on the varsity football team. Combs was charged with assault in June 2015 for confronting Justin’s football coach.

Next, Combs began a relationship with stylist Kimberly Porter. Combs and Porter were in a long-term relationship that lasted around 13 years from 1994 to 2007, albeit on and off. Before they started dating, Kim had a son named Quincy who was born in 1991 with her former flame, three-time Grammy-nominated artist Al B. Sure. Sean would come to adopt Quincy after getting serious with Kim. In 1998, about four years into their relationship, Sean and Kim welcomed a son named Christian and on December 21, 2006, they welcomed twin daughters D’Lila Star and Jessie James.

Sean Comb’s relationship with Kim Porter was not always smooth. When they separated in the late 1990s, Combs began dating pop star Jennifer Lopez, a highly publicized relationship. They were even engaged but the relationship started to turn sour after they were both involved in a shooting at a Manhattan nightclub. J Lo claimed that Combs was cheating on her. The same offense would ruin Combs’ relationship with Kim Porter.

In February 2006, about five months before Kim gave birth to their twin daughters, Combs fathered a daughter named Chance with Sarah Chapman. The news of her lover will end her romance with Kim Porter.

During his July 2017 appearance on The Wendy Williams Show, Combs revealed that he met all three mothers of his children in the same year.

Sean Combs was never married to any of the mothers of his children. However, many suspect he was finally going to walk down the aisle with his on-and-off girlfriend Cassie Ventura who he started seeing in 2006 after ending things with Kim Porter.

They originally broke up in 2008 but got back together in 2015 and have appeared inseparable ever since. Only time would tell if she would become the first official Mrs. Combs. He revealed in January 2018 that he wanted more kids with Cassie. He joked that he was trying to get 10. Well, he’s lucky to answer all of them. He is famous for throwing lavish parties for his children and giving them fancy cars.

Although it looks like Cassie now has a heart, the rapper remains on good terms with the mother of his children. In an exclusive interview with People in June 2017, Combs called the mother of his kids his best friends and we don’t doubt it. He celebrated Halloween 2017 with Kim Porter and their son and Cassie did well to give them space.

Is he gay?

Apparently the answer to this question is no. However, 50 Cent gave a few people reason to be skeptical of Diddy’s sexuality when he took a swipe at his fellow rapper via a now-deleted Instagram post in January 2018 suggesting Diddy was gay.

Diddy responded to 50’s allegations during his appearance on The Breakfast Club saying he doesn’t take 50s jokes personally. “I don’t even think of any other men,” Diddy said during the interview. He added; “If I think of another man, I think of elevation,” thus clarifying his sexuality.