Simon Tikhman Age, Net Worth (Erin Foster Boyfriend Turned Fiance) Family, Bio

If you remember David Foster from ‘Asia’s Got Talent‘, Erin Foster is his daughter. Erin is herself a comedy writer and performer. Apparently, she now a fiance of Simon Tikhman.

Simon Tikhman is an entrepreneur and a technology geek. Moreover, he alongside his brother, develop and market applications.

Recently, the famous daughter of a famous singer/producer announced a piece of big news on her Instagram account. In fact, she got a proposal from Simon and they were engaged.

Like a big diamond ring on her finger, there are big personal and professional facts about Simon. Here you will get to know all about them.

Simon Tikhman was born in 1981 -Age

Simon Tikhman, born in 1981, was born in the United States. Likewise, his childhood and high school days were featured in his native land.

Therefore, as of 2019, it makes him 38 years old. On the other hand, Erin Foster is almost 37 by a day. Although age doesn’t matter, looks like they are made for each other.

How much is his net worth by 2019?

Simon Tikhman works as a managing partner at ‘The Fund by First Acess Entertainment‘. Moreover, he is a businessman and an entrepreneur investing and marketing on technology and applications.

According to, his net worth in 2019 reaches up to $1 Million. In fact, he is a businessman so, the number will be moving upwards.

Similarly, he proposed with a heavy 5 carats diamond ring worth hundreds of thousands. Therefore, the fact shows he has a decent amount of money.

Simon Tikhman is an Investor and Entrepreneur – Bio

Simon attended the University of California. He even founded some of the companies during his time there. Likewise, after his graduation, he actively focused on entrepreneurship and investment.

Moreover, he has also completed B.A from ‘The Marshall School of Business’ in entrepreneurial studies. Later, in 2018, he joined ‘The Fund by First Access Entertainment’.

The Fund is an organization mentoring the entrepreneurs in music, marketing, technology, and fashion. He alongside his brother has worked for famous stars like Zayn Malik and Kevin Durant.

Moreover, he founded  ‘Interactive Athlete’, an organization to create merchandise and content for athletes. It helps to understand the requirements and expectations of the fans.

Likewise, his other company ‘Simont Enterprises’ deals with cutting edge distillery production. He also invests in software development company developing video games. For instance, he is an investor for ‘Tik Games’.

Alongside his brother, he has invested in companies representing ‘Silicon Valley’. Some of them include ‘Philz Coffee’, ‘Glympse’, ‘Robinhood’, and ‘Espresa’.

Simon Tikhman Family

Simon Tikhman is very protective of his personal life. Apparently, that even includes the fact about his family and childhood.

There is no available information about his parents and siblings. It may be due to the fact that he hit the web as boyfriend turned fiance of Erin Foster.

He is sure to face the camera in the coming days. We just hope he shares all this information. However, his new family member Erin Foster is a popular comedy writer and an actress.

The couple got engaged in August 2019. Her Instagram post includes congratulations from famous celebrities like ‘Kim Kardashian’, Kate Hudson’, and ‘Courtney Cox’.

Apparently, the first picture was uploaded by her famous sister and actress Sara Foster.