Stanley Tollman Wikipedia: Everything On The Chairman Of Travel Corporation(TTC)

Old-aged Stanley Tollman is 90 years old, is the founder and chairman of The Travel Corporation company; he lacks a Wikipedia page.

Stanley Tollman is the chairman of a successful international travel group. His company has won many awards.

The awards include Trafalgar, Insight Vacations, and many other 25 award-winning brands.

Name Stanley Tollman
Birthday 1930
Age 91
Gender Male
Profession Businessman
Married/Single Married
Wife Beatrice Lurie

Stanley Tollman Wikipedia

Stanley doesn’t have a dedicated Wikipedia page.

His brief introduction is mention on his website

He has a passion and drive that help him built this Travel Corporation. His family members run his company.

His company operated in over 70 countries, on seven continents with over more than 40 offices. They have more than 10000 employees working all over the world.

Stanley Tollman Age

Stanley is an old Businessman who is 91 years old.

His exact date of birth is not mentioned, but his birth year is 1930. He was born in South Africa.

Stanley Tollman Wife

Yes, Stanley Tollman is married for more than 67 years.

He is married to then Beatrice Lurie. They were married on March 7, 1954.

They both meet in July 1952. Stanley was traveling to Johannesburg, and Beatrice was also traveling with them.

There is a whole lovely article dedicated to their love life. You can read the article on

Stanley Tollman Family And Net Worth

Stabley Tollman has a very large family. There are lots of members but talking about the core people.

Likewise, it includes Stanley Tollman and his wife, Bea Tollman.

Also, their three sons and two daughters.

Detailed information about the Tollman Family tree is mentioned on the WikiTree page.

Tollman’s Family net worth is large as it is the oldest business of their own.

According to the Forbes report on their business. They generate yearly revenue of $2 Billion. They also pointed out that they are supporting a total of 270 million jobs in their industry.

Articles about the revenue of The Travel Corporation Company are on the Forbes website.