Steven Crowder Breast Augmentation: Plastic Surgery and Health Update

Steven Crowder Breast Augmentation: He reportedly had surgery to look more masculine. Keep reading to find out more about it.

Steven Crowder is an American-Canadian political commentator and media host famous for hosting Louder with Crowder.

The daily political podcast includes a recurring segment called Change My Mind, in which Crowder invites passers-by to converse. 

Furthermore, Steven often makes headlines for multiple reasons and has become the victim of controversy. Crowder has gone under the knife, and netizens often ask questions about his plastic surgery.

Did Steven Crowder Have Breast Augmentation?

Yes, there are rumors that have been circulating on social media saying that Steven Crowder had breast augmentation surgery. A Twitter handle registered as @theliamnissan mentioned that Crowder had breast augmentation surgery to look more masculine.

Following that, everyone in the comment section began sharing their opinions. In the same way, Crowder has been a victim of trolls, and many memes have also been created regarding Crowder’s breast augmentation.

A Twitter user wrote, “He hates trans people, but he had top surgery.” It is unknown when Crowder got breast augmentation surgery as he has not talked about this topic with the media.

Meanwhile, many people have claimed that breast procedures have not worked.

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Explore Steven Crowder Plastic Surgery 

In July 2021, Steven Crowder underwent a surgical operation in which titanium bars were inserted into his chest to balance his congenital condition of pectus excavatum.

Reportedly, it caused fluid to gather in his lungs, which he named excruciatingly painful. After some time, Steven was taken to the hospital due to a collapsed lung.

In August 2021, Crowder was absent from his wife due to his elective surgery, and she later gave birth to twins. Following that, Crowder received criticism from many people. 

Furthermore, Steven is again in the limelight as Hilary’s family releases an argument with his then-wife on a Ring security camera. The family also alleged that Steven left the home to get elective surgery. 

When the altercation happened, Hilary was eight months pregnant and was carrying their twins. After the video went viral online, Hilary Crowder released a statement claiming he left home for elective surgery.

In the past, Crowder had also revealed that he had a connective tissue disorder that forced his chest to cave in on his heart. As a result of Steven’s condition, he underwent pectus surgery, which is meant to correct the shape of the bone in the middle of the chest.

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Steven Crowder Health Update In 2023

Despite having multiple health issues in the past, Steven Crowder now seems to be doing well. There are no problems with his health.

We can find him active on multiple social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, from where he showcases his ongoing lifestyle. So, to get updated, we can follow him on IG as @louderwithcrowder.

Meanwhile, Crowder has now been dragged into the controversy following his past incident with his then-wife, Hilary Korzon. They married in August 2012, but Hilary had filed for divorce in 2021.

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