Stoney Garnett BRISTOL Obituary, Age, Cause Of Death, Family, Wife, Children

Stoney Garnett was a comedian and one of Bristol City’s most famous fans. He twice ran to be mayor of Bristol in 2012 and 2016.

Garnett was well-known for his red feathered fedora which he brought on a holiday in Austria. He was born in Knowle West and lived in Whitchurch. His first job was with British Rails where he helped keep the train records.

After leaving British Rail, he worked in a succession of jobs before becoming a postman for 24 years. He spent the final part of his working life at drinks wholesaler Matthew Clarke.

Stoney Garnett Age

How old is Stoney Garnett? The date of birth of Stoney Garnett is unknown.

Stoney Garnett Cause Of Death

The actual circumstance that led to the death of Stoney Garnett is unknown. His family is yet to confirm this to the media.

Stoney Garnett Family

There is no information about Stoney Garnett’s family.

Stoney Garnett Wife and Children

Stoney Garnett’s wife and children are unknown.