Svrite Real Name And 10 Facts To Know

Svrite is an American Rapper from Orlando, Florida. Just three years ago, Svrite used to share a bedroom with his mother and stepfather in the slums of Florida. He would wait for his mother to go to sleep to practice his singing.

Social media has been an incredible platform to showcase one’s talent. Nevertheless, only a few talents are recognized. In mid-2018, Svrite blew up the internet with his parody freestyles with witty lyrics, hitting over 50 million views. He became a rapping sensation overnight.

Quick Facts: Svrite Real Name And 10 Facts To Know

Name Svrite (Jay Rivera)
Birthday May 8, 2002
Age 18 years
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Rapper
Married/Single Single
Instagram svrite
Twitter SVRITE
Youtube SVRITE

10 Facts About Svrite

  1. After rising to popularity in 2018 with Gucci Flip Flops Freestyles posted in the rapper’s Instagram account, the public was curious about how old is the rapper Svrite? Svrite was born on May 8, 2002, his current age as of February 5, 2021, is 18 years.
  2. Svrite’s real name is Jay Rivera. He chose Svrite, pronounced as ‘Sprite,’ as his stage name.
  3. Svrite does not have a Wikipedia page dedicated to him yet. However, judging from his ever-growing popularity, it would not be a surprise if he owns one soon.
  4. At just 18, Strive has accumulated 369k followers on his Instagram. He mostly shares the sneak peek of his music videos on his account.
  5. He features the Instagram handle of his management, Star Entourage, and Hermes Govantes, in his Instagram bio.
  6. He started his career as a comedic rapper with humorous lyrics, and he now writes serious music, too, as evidenced by his hit singles Jiggy, Self Aware, and Reverse. He is famous among youths for his honest lyrics. Strive has gained fame and fortune in this career, yet his net worth is still not evaluated.
  7. As of December 2020, his Spotify streams were 11.6 million. He expressed his gratitude through his Instagram post. His song Jiggy alone has 4 million streams on Spotify.
  8. Recently, he has been experimenting with versatility. His song ‘Beauty in a Nightmare’ sounds like XXXTENTACION, and the song has reverb-heavy bass and light keys. At the same time, his other song ‘Time to Listen’ sounds brighter with clean singing.
  9. Svrite is a rapper of American nationality, who hails from Orlando, Florida. 
  10. His fans praise him for his beat selection and diversity in this sound.