Swindling The Swindler: Who Is Ayleen Charlotte? Simon Leviev’s Clothes On eBay

Ayleen Charlotte is the girlfriend of Simon Leviev, a fraudster who defrauded women of thousands of dollars on Tinder.

Ayleen lives in Amsterdam and works in the luxury fashion industry.

She embarked on a revenge mission when she discovered from a newspaper article that her boyfriend of 14 months, Simon Leviev, was scamming women out of money all over Europe.

She tipped off the police when he was getting on a flight – resulting in the authorities finally catching up with him and his crimes.

Ayleen embarked on an eBay plan to recoup the stolen cash by putting all of Simon’s designer wardrobe on sale and drained him of every penny he had – scamming him right back.

She said: “Suddenly, I realized I was in a quite powerful position.”

She suggested Leviev let her sell some of his designer clothes on Ebay for a quick cash fix and quickly earned thousands of pounds.

She has successfully reduced Simon Leviev from the fake King of Diamonds to the Homeless King. An orchestrated fall from grace pulled off without fault.