Sylvia Perez | Biography

Sylvia Perez was a versatile TV Journalist and Investigative Health Reporter working in the Windy City Live (WCL), Chicago from 1989 to June 2013. She was born in 1961 but unknown about her exact birth month and date. She is now 52 years of aged but, entertained tall height with fine legs, nice feet.  She studied and graduated from Oklahoma School of Journalism in the University of Oklahoma. The date and year of graduation is not cited in her biographical statement. She lives in the outskirts of Chicago along with her two daughters and husband.

She was the youngest of five children in her family.  She had an interesting story about her parents (both mother and father).  Both were born in Puerto Rico and migrated to USA. Her father passed college degree at the age of 45 and obtained a Master’s degree majoring Psychology at the age of 50.  But her mother did high-school graduate but never gotten chance to attend the college.  After migration in USA, her father joined in military.  Both parents are role model of hard work and survival of the five children in their life. She started her first career in ABC7 on June 1989.  Before joining to ABC7, she had worked in Houston and Amarillo of Texas, Denver of Colorado and Lawton of Oklahoma in US.  She had able to win various awards for her commendable reporting and presentation as anchor.  Her core interest was health reporting while she was working for the KPRC-TV which was affiliated to the NBC in Houston and similarly in Chicago as well.

Then, she joined in WLS-TV in Chicago and working almost 24 years for the station until June, 2013 as an uninterrupted long-standing professional career.  She was also covering the medical and health updates, and news as well as investigative stories and events in the news bulletins.  She had created and developed the concept of health care program and broadcasted “Health Beat” program.  She had contributed as core team member, speaker and Illustrator among Chicago viewers and her fans.  The “Heath Beat” was so popular and among Chicago people to address genuine concern of their health care.  She had reported the medical breakthroughs and outcomes of scientific clinical research and studies in hospital, health care centers and medical research centers as she had established such a tradition of reporting medical updates in Chicago.

She and her core team were working very hard to make popular and reliable Health Beat program as newscast.  As a result, she and her team were honored by three prestigious awards on their outstanding contributions, such as: National Academy of Television and Arts and Sciences’ Chicago Emmy Awards; the Illinois Broadcasters Association’s Silver Dome Awards; and Chicago Headline Club’s Peter Lisagor Award respectively. She left the WLS after 24 years that her contract was not extended further period despite her 24-years professional career and pioneering team leader and architect of the “Health Beat” program in WLS.  During her silver career, she had an opportunity to highlight the “army brat” that coverage the “50th anniversary of Pearl Harbor.”  She had followed Illinois veterans in Pearl Harbor back to Hawaii to visit USS Arizona.  It was a great tragic incident that his brother and several other US war troops were died.

She got married when she was 19 years of aged and her husband was too young so that they have waited almost 15 years having child.  Her first child was born when she was 34 years of aged.  Despite her fertility problem, she had able to deliver only two daughters in a marvelous phenomenon.  Also, she had adopted one child as a daughter.  The adopted daughter was born with her sister as twin from their mother.

The Chicago Tribune news has disclosed recently that she is listed her property of 4,195 square foot house in Hinsdale is  net worth of $2.4 million that includes five-bedrooms,  dining room, kitchen, bar, swimming pool, etc.  She had procured the house the costs of US dollar 2.2 million in 2006.   She has no boyfriend in her life and professional career.  Her bio can be accessed in Wikipedia and wiki for additional information.