TBoss Spills The Beans On Answering Stupid Questions With Stupid Answers.

Tokunbo Idowu, otherwise called TBoss, an unscripted television star, has stood in opposition to responding to superfluous inquiries. The 38-year-old mother of one took to Instagram to uncover the kind of inquiry her servant presented to her, regardless of knowing the response without inquiring.

She likewise kidded that nothing makes her more joyful than addressing dumb inquiries with considerably more moronic responses.

She expressed,

“There’s nothing I appreciate more than answering moronic inquiries with even dumb responses.”

“It ought to be rebuffed for the quaver it gives me.” My servant strolls by my washroom and notification me in the shower cleaning up and inquires, “Mama, are you showering?” No, I’m on top of a tree, culling mangoes. Since you need to be foolish!!!! “Yeye young lady burst out chuckling.”

TBoss lauded her little girl, Starr, a day after her third birthday celebration, as per reports.

She composed on her Instagram page,

“Assuming I say you’re awesome, individuals will believe I’m gloating, yet in the event that I say you’re not, they will realize I’m lying.”

“I actually can’t move past the way that I have a three-year-old girl.” Mine for all eternity.”