The murder case of Ashley Pond and Miranda Gaddis.

In Oregon City, on January 9, 2002, a 12 years of age young lady named Ashley Pond was behind schedule for school. It was 8 am; Ashley went to get the transport to school yet stayed away forever.

Ashley lived with her mom, Lori Pond, at Newell Creek Village Apartment, only a short ways from the bus stop that Ashley went to. Ashley never got on the transport or contacted her school, Gardiner Middle School.

More about Ashley Pond and the vanishing of Miranda Gaddis: Ashley was one of the well known kids at school; she was dynamic in numerous extracurricular exercises like dance and swimming. Regardless of full endeavors by police specialists and the FBI, Ashley’s whereabouts couldn’t be found. Her mom and instructor likewise didn’t think she had taken off from home.

A comparable misfortune happened only two months after Ashley vanished; a schoolmate and companion of Ashley’s, Miranda Gaddis, likewise vanished simultaneously when she went to get the transport.

Ashley and Miranda even resided in a similar loft; Miranda’s mom ventured out from home for work thirty minutes ahead of schedule from her. At the point when she was educated about Miranda’s nonappearance from school, she quickly educated the police yet by and by, no data could be found. Specialists then began chipping away at uncanny likenesses between the two cases and presumed that the individual behind this may be natural to the young ladies.

Who is Ward Weaver? The biggest advancement came when a 19 years of age kid called the police on August 13, 2002, and informed the police that his dad, Ward Weaver, had attempted to assault his sweetheart and confessed to killing Miranda and Ashley. Both the young ladies were companions with Ward’s 12 years of age girl and had visited his home to meet her.

This at long last prompted the end of the case with Ward Weaver confronting two continuous life sentences with practically no opportunity of Parole. He likewise stayed away from capital punishment by conceding to the police. The family background of Ward Weaver was brimming with violations and lawbreakers, which his dad and stepson found blameworthy in different homicide cases.