The Nerdwriter (Nerdwriter1) Biography And Net Worth

The Nerdwriter is a YouTube channel created and run by Evan Puschak an American video essayist and journalist.

Evan Puschak was born on August 31, 1988, in the United States of America.

After graduating from Boston University he moved to Paris, France, for six months to write the novel, Big City. Currently, Puschak resides in Santa Monica, California.

Evan Puschak was named on Forbes Magazine’s 30 Under 30 Media list in 2017. As of now, The Nerdwriter has amassed a total of 2.99 million subscribers across YouTube.

The NerdWriter series began in 2011 and has been updated almost every week exploring a range of topics from film to current affairs to sitcoms to philosophy.

The popularity of The NerdWriter has attracted attention from industry personnel, media outlets, and film schools.

On The Nerdwriter, he creates videos about various topics that “cultivate worldview.” with topics ranging from how Louis C.K. tells a joke to how Donald Trump answers a question.

The Nerdwriter Net Worth

The Nerdwriter’s income stream has increased immensely over the years. The Nerdwriter has a net worth approximated at $800,000.