TikTok Video Of Fights On Block Island Ferry Rhode Island Goes Viral- What Happened?

The fight on Block Island Ferry, Rhode has gone viral on platforms like Twitter and TikTok. Ferry Rhode was turned into a crime scene on Tuesday morning; stay with us to know the reason for the brawl.

Multiple arrests were made on the Block Island Ferry after a fight broke out unexpectedly. Many people were also injured, and police were seen rushing to the boat to control the situation.

However, no casualties were reported, and there were no serious injuries either. The video of Block Island is widely circulating at the moment, and many people are leaving reactions to the video.

Chilling on Block Island Ferry is the most fun thing local people do on their holiday. It is the only ferry service to Block Island.

TikTok Video Of Fights On Block Island Ferry Rhode Island Goes Viral

The video of the fight on the Block Island Ferry, Rhode Island, has gone viral after it was posted to social media such as TikTok and Twitter. The video can be easily found as many are sharing it.

A dramatic video has emerged showing police officers in Rhode Island rushing onto a moving boat to break up a fight reportedly. The event occurred Monday night when the Block Island ferry came to the Narragansett port at Point Judith.

Footage released on Twitter showed four cops jumping over the water to board the ferry while the boat in which they were followed closely behind.

According to WJAR, police were called to the area after a brawl on board the ship resulted in several injuries. A separate video showed four people being brought off the ferry in handcuffs. On TikTok, the incident has received 13 million views.

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What Happened At The Block Island Ferry? Is It Closed Again?

The Block Island Ferry may have been closed after a crime scene on Tuesday morning. The police interfered and got into the board after they received news that a fight had broken out.

A brawl broke out on one of these ferries returning from the Block Island Ferry Terminal. Several passengers on the ship were involved in the brawl. Based on an unconfirmed story, many suffered razor lacerations but no major injuries.

The exact number of people involved is unknown, and the issue is still being investigated. As per eyewitnesses, the ship was entirely due to a reggae event. They said that a massive battle between two groups of individuals threw the boat into chaos and injured many people.

Several ambulances were seen departing the site on video by reporters. Rhode Island State Police stated that the boat where the incident occurred Monday night was unplanned and had no officers on board. The unplanned boat was added Tuesday due to crowding, per the police.

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How Many People Were Arrested After The Brawl In Block Island Ferry?

Seven passengers were arrested after boarding the ship, per the state police. Two people were hurt and were sent to the hospital.

According to troopers, Jacob Dorbor, 30, of Providence, was detained for causing a disturbance at the resort at 6:30 p.m. He was arrested on suspicion of disorderly conduct (fighting or tumultuous behavior).

On Tuesday morning, Channel 3 discovered that the Narragansett Police Department had handed over primary control of the inquiry to Rhode Island State Police. Still, many other agencies and K9 teams supported them.