Tom Topping Net Worth At Death

Tom was well-known in his community, having employed hundreds of people and dealing with the majority of the farmers through Topping Meats. He was a very prosperous businessman.

Tom Topping Net Worth At Death

Tom Topping died in what appears to be a farm accident in Co. Antrim on August 8, 2022. He used to own a resort.
Tom Topping’s net worth was estimated to be $1 million at the time of his death. Topping Meats was owned by him. This proved to be the highest source of income to him.

Tom Topping was a married man and a family man, but the name of his wife was never revealed. We’ll keep you updated as soon as we obtain Tom Topping’s wife.

Tom Topping has surviving children whose names are unknown. It is believed that they were only popular within their own community.