Tony Beets is a Dutch-Canadian miner and reality television personality. He is the owner of Tamarack Mine and the star of Discovery Gold Rush TV show. Beets and his parents settled moved to another country at the age of seven.

Tony Beets Biography

Tony was born on December 15, 1959, in Wijdenes, Netherland but moved at the age of seven. In December 2021, Tony will be 52 years old. Information on his early life and education have not been made public. Beets and his wife settled in Canada in 1980 and began working in a Yukon gold mine. Tony and his family got the chance to debut in season 2 of Discovery Gold Rush in 2010 and has since become a sensation. The Beets crew also appeared in the show’s fourth season.

Tony Beets Family

Tony is married to Minnie Beets and has four children together; Monica, Bianca, Kevin and Mike Beets. The couple has been married for more than three decades. Tony and Minnie began dating when they were in their twenties and tied the knot a few years later. Minnie works as a bookkeeper at Paradise Hill and also takes care of the home.

Tony Beets House

Tony and his family live in a luxurious home at Maricopa, Arizona. According to sources, they bought the house at $315k. It was built in 2003, based on 2,739 square feet.

Tony Beets Dredge

Four years ago, Tony planned to resurrect a 75-year-old gold-mining dredge. Tony spent $1 million on the dredge at Clear Creek and indicated that it had the potential to mine up to $1.5m in gold in just one season. He purchased a second floating industrial Dredge for $1 million.

Tony Beets Net Worth

Beets net worth is estimated at $15 million. From his mining companies to his television career, his net worth comes as no surprise.