Tony Beets – Biography, Personal Life, Net Worth, Where is He From

A reality TV celebrity and proud owner of Tamarack Mine, Tony Beets gained recognition on Gold Rush – a popular Discovery Channel show. His skillfulness at finding gold, as well as his communication skills which is nothing short of colorful, made him a renowned figure in the Klondike. Beets, along with his family members, joined the popular show during its second season which was in 2010 and has been working hard at Paradise Hill with his crew. The show is known to portray the day by day routine, as well as problems encountered in the hunt for the precious metal in the desert North of Canada. It has gone on for many seasons, airing over 60 episodes in all.

The series soon gained prominence as one of the most watched shows on the Discovery Channel as a result of the stellar personalities involved and also the palpable tension between the miners and the active gold diggers. It is difficult to talk about the most successful mining operation ever witnessed in the Klondike without giving a mention to Tony Beets. After his debut in the 2nd season, he made a reappearance in the fourth season, letting out land to Parker Schnabel whom he tutored during his rookie season in the Klondike. Tony became a force to reckon with as he recorded 737 oz pulled in with his last season’s dredge. The reality TV star does not only have plans to pull in even more gold with his dredge, but he has also gone ahead and secured Paradise Hill where he runs a huge gold mine, trying to balance his mining operations while making sure that his dredge and Paradise Hill are running on oiled wheels. All the while, he is busy shipping his latest purchase, another huge dredge of 100 miles situated along Yukun River.

Tony Beets’ Biography (Where Is He From?)

Tony Beets is from Wijdenes, the Netherlands, where he was born on the 15th of December 1959, though he relocated to the countryside with his parents at age seven and settled in Burgwerd. After his father was incapacitated, he became responsible for the family farm, taking charge of workmen way older than him. According to Tony, becoming the boss at a young age made him decide to either equal or better his workers and throughout his life, he had always been trusted with the leading position within a very short time, which always kept him a step ahead.

Skeptical about his future in the Netherlands if he were to continue with farming, Tony migrated to Canada in 1980 along with his spouse Minnie. He started out on a dairy farm very close to Salmon Arm, B.C but decided to join the mines when he heard that it was possible to make as much as $1,000 per week in the Yukon and since then, the reality TV star has not looked back.

Personal Life

Tony Beets and his wife Minnie were next door neighbors when they started dating. His wife was just 20 years at the time but they dated for a long time before culminating their relationship in a 1984 nuptials after which he relocated to Canada with her. Their union which has been going strong for decades produced five children namely Jasmine the youngest girl born in 1992 but died after a little over two months, others are Monica, Michale, Kelvin, and Bianca, all of whom work in the family business. Their marriage appears to be built on solid rock as no hint of divorce or separation has come from them after many years.

What’s more, Minnie is an important part of her husband’s business as she holds the purse string as well as handles the paperwork. Prior to her job as the bookkeeper of Paradise Hill which she has competently handle for more than a decade, Minnie took up paid employment in home healthcare after she moved with her spouse to Canada. Presently, she keeps an iron hand on the purse string of the family business as she often argues with her spouse over the large amount of money he pours into the dredge. In fact, Minnie is the only person her husband cannot say no to.

Tony Beets’ Net Worth

The lion’s share of Tony Beets’ wealth comes from the Gold Rush reality show as well as his gold business. Sources have reported that he earns between $150k to $200k for each episode of Gold Rush as he ranks among the wealthiest in the cast of the show. Besides, he is the proud owner of Tamarack Mine which has contributed several digits to his net worth, currently estimated at $15 million as at 2019.