Top 10 Diaper Brands in Nigeria

In recent times, the baby care industry has experienced a paradigm shift. This is from the use of cloth diapers to that of disposable diapers in the care of babies. You do not have to think too far about why mothers are now looking at this alternative for babby care. Disposable diapers are more hygienic since they do not have to be washed with chemicals and soaps that can be harmful to the baby’s skin. The disposable diapers also make for convenience because you do not have to be overly concerned about what happens if your child poops when you are out of the house. This article gathers a list of top 10 diaper brands in Nigeria.

Top 10 Diaper Brands in Nigeria

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This remains one of the most popular diaper brands in Nigeria. It has become a household name and it is not surprising if you hear many refer to other brands of diapers as pampers. Pampers is the first diaper brand ever produced and marketed in Nigeria. The product got into the Nigerian market in 2000. Testimonies of many nursing mothers when using pampers include its very absorbent nature which does not allow for leakages or blowouts when using them. Pampers has different packs for its diapers such as:

  • Pampers Premium Care Value Pack size
  • Pampers Growing Baby Bundle Pack size
  • Pampers Baby-Dry Carrier Pack size
  • Pampers Premium Care Value Pack size
  • Pampers Premium Care Carrier Pack size
  • Pampers Baby Dry Jumbo Pack size


Molfix is another leading diaper brand produced by Hayat Kimya Nigeria Ltd. It is arguably one of the most loved diaper brands in Nigeria at the moment. Pampers used to have most of the market share of the diapers industry until Molfix came along. Molfix is designed to give babies full protection and keeps their skin dry and healthy all through the night.

The company, Hayat Kimya, began producing Molfix baby diapers in Turkey since 1987. It currently has production plants in Algeria, Iran, and Egypt. In an effort to boost its market penetration, Hayat Kimya adopted a lower pricing scheme which makes it affordable for the Nigerian middle-class group. It also has a strong distribution channel throughout all retail chains in both rural and urban areas of Nigeria. This makes it easily accessible.


Another leading brand in the market is the Huggies.  Huggies is manufactured by Kimberly-Clark, an American multinational personal care company. The brand aims to sell intrinsic value. It uses a unique selling proposition that goes beyond form and functionality. For Huggies, functionality is just the basics, while the “feeling” is the product. Huggies sells “class” to mothers as a product. Many who use Huggies have so much loyalty and affinity for the brand and are always proud to show that is the diaper they use for their kids. Their marketing strategy is having 100 percent of a few pockets rather than having one percent of many households. There are different packages for the Huggies diaper:

The Huggies Little Snugglers: This is designed for a baby under the 0-infant period. The size, sheet, and shape are good for an infant. It also doesn’t give rashes to a baby’s body.

Huggies Little Movers: This is designed for the infant that has outgrown the first baby months. It helps give babies a pleasant and dry night as well as dryness throughout the day.

Dr brown

Dr. Brown is a popular Nigerian brand name for sanitary and hygiene products. Dr. Brown’s diaper is marketed by Wemy Industries. Dr. Brown’s baby diapers were first sold in 1981. The aim of the brand is to provide babies and toddlers with a comfortable growing experience. Dr. Brown has done quite well in Nigeria, capturing the third position in the diapers industry since 2014.

The brand offers fairly low prices and matches this with quality products. It also has made huge investments into product innovation so it can compete successfully with large multinationals. For example, when Procter and Gamble (manufacturers of Pampers) introduced 10 diapers in a pack, Wemy Industries’ Dr. Brown’s matched up with a 14-unit pack size at about the same price and a high-quality product. The brand also offers the widest range of diaper sizes in the market which has helped it to increase its consumer reach and household penetration. Dr. Brown has other baby product features such as Dr.Brown’s training pants which helps a child transition well from diapers to underwear. Dr. Brown diaper has Dr. Brown Diaper (Mini). Dr. Brown Diaper (Midi) Dr. Brown Diaper (Maxi).

Baby hugg diaper

This is highly recommended for babies. The diaper is skin-friendly and keeps the baby dry throughout the night.


The SunFree baby diaper has super absorbent padlocks which protects the baby from wetness and itchiness. Sunfree diapers also uses the best quality and provide the highest comfort for babies. It is arguably one of the best quality diapers on the market. Many perceive the SunFree diaper as being for the super-rich moms because it has a limited market distribution network around wealthy neighborhoods. However, the brand is now opening up its market distribution network to get to more markets and serve more households.

Prince and Princess Baby Diapers

This brand of baby diapers has been on the market for over eight years. Although Prince and Princess’s brand is the preferable choice for most mothers, it’s not available nationwide due to problems with its distribution network.

Virony baby diapers

The Virony baby diaper is very good for newborn babies. It also comes in different sizes. These are:

  • Sweet baby normal packing
  • Sweet baby economical packing
  • Smart baby economical packing
  • Smart baby normal packing
  • Lovely baby normal packing
  • Cute baby normal packing
  • Cute baby economical packing.

They are all good quality products for babies.

DryLove Nigeria Limited

This is a leading and indigenous company with an active presence in Nigeria. The company has over 20 years’ experience in childcare products. DryLove uses soft and comfortable materials in making its diapers. Its products are also safe. The company boasts that its good quality adheres to strict European industry standards. In recent times, DryLove has become popular and consumers are more assured of the product.