Top 5 Poorest States in Nigeria

Nigeria is a country blessed with numerous natural resources among which crude oil is the most important.

Crude oil has over tome become the driving force that supports the Nigerian economy.

This has made the country to be over dependent upon the crude oil revenue and other sources of revenue have been neglected.

Some states in the North have felt this blow tremendously.The poorest states in Nigeria, according the National Bureau of Statistics(2015), have a poverty rate of up to 70%.

Below are the 5 poorest states in Nigeria

1. Sokoto

Sokoto is located in the extreme Northwest with very dry climate conditions. The temperature sometimes goes up to as high as 45oC on a normal day.

The majority of the state comprises of rural areas and more than eighty percent (80%) of the inhabitants of Sokoto are engaged in one form of agricultural practice or another.

It has a poverty rate of 80.2% and is the poorest state in Nigeria.

2. Katsina

Katsina state is found in the North central part of Nigeria. The people of Katsina are predominantly farmers and this state ranks as the second poorest in Nigeria with a poverty rate of 74.5%.

3. Adamawa

This state is located in the North East and was carved out in 1991 from the now non-existent Gongola state.

It has a poverty rate of 74.2% and this has been worsened by the recent attacks by the Boko Haram terrorist group. This has also caused further disruption of its economic development and growth.

4. Gombe

This state is located in the North East and was carved out from Bauchi state. It has a poverty rate of 74.2%.

The people of Gombe are also predominantly farmers. Mineral deposit and petroleum deposits have recently been discovered in the state.

5. Jigawa

Jigawa state is located in the North West of the Nigeria and was carved out from Kano state. The predominant tribes here are the Hausa and Fulani and it has a 74.1% percent poverty rate.