Hannan Younis Bio: Is She On Wikipedia?

Hannan Younis is quite popular among fans. But, the actress is yet to have her separate Wikipedia bio.

The actress is well-known for her work on People Watching, See, and Hardly Boiled. The latest work of the actress can be seen in the popular comedy-drama TV series True Dating Stories.

Hannan will play Maryjane in the series. She will be portrayed as a waitress in the series. But details about her character will be known only after watching the series.

Along with Hannan, other star actors like Rodrigo Fernandez, Kris Siddiqi, Tim Blair, Cory Lee, Pat Thornton, Dan Galea, Adam Niebergall, Nigel Downer, Sima Sepehri, etc will feature in the series.

Hannan Younis Ethnicity Revealed

Hannan Younis can be seen in different roles in movies and series. In real life, she is quite an introverted kind of person and rarely reveals her personal life. Her ethnicity is still a mystery to fans.

Hannan was born in Canada and holds Canadian nationality. She started her acting career when she was in high school. She made her professional debut in 2015 with Hardly Boiled.

However, one can assume that she comes from an African ethnic community. But we are not still sure about her ethnic roots. The actress hasn’t revealed any details about her family origins.

Hannan Younis Age And Height Explored

Hannan Younis is yet to reveal her age and height.

The actress keeps her personal information away from the media and the public. The actress seems to be running in her late 20s and is quite tall. She is one of the most talented comedians. 

Meet Hannan Younis On Instagram

Hannan Younis is available on Instagram with the username @black_anus.

The actress has around 1k followers on the platform. She doesn’t seem fond of using social media. Till now, the actress has made only 17 posts.

She was nominated for the Best Actress In Series in the 2018 Canadian Film Awards for her performances in the series Safra.