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Urooj Ashfaq AIB

Do you know the winners of FemaPalooza that took place in April 2017 in Mumbai? Yes you are right! We’re talking about Urooj Ashfaq, who is able to create a unique stand-up comedy channel for himself. Urooj is still considered a relatively new “phenomenon” on the entertainment scene.

In 2017, she was only 21 years old, but the residence in Navi Mumbai is very ambitious. Currently, there are few details about her family, siblings, etc. Lets check Urooj Ashfaq AIB, Stand Up Comedy, Wiki, Biography, Age, Photos, Wikipedia details given in post.

Urooj Ashfaq Career

One friend advised Urooj to join the open microphone competition. This is in June 2016 This event takes place at the Canvas Laugh Club, Mumbai. Uroya regrets that her first act was terrible! She expected to be laughed at. Amazingly, supporters and show organizers!

Although it was a bad start, Urooj continued to participate in many open microphone activities, which resulted in confidence. She was happy to win a comedy contest in Mumbai! Theater / TV industry veterans have seen something different in Urooj, so they are polite in encouraging.

Urooj joined a two-month internship at All India Bakchod (AIB) in 2016.
She received valuable tips and studies on the limitations of this AIB, and the four most popular AIB people were repeatedly involved in “comedy scenes.”
Urooj is also a great writer, which made Abish Mathew look for service in the last season of his talk show “Son of Abish.” She is fully committed to excellent 30-minute antics.

Urooj Ashfaq Facts

  • Urooj has loved the “clown” since childhood!
  • According to her acceptance, he is often a clown in every class. Her funny and cheerful story helped her make many friends wherever she went.
  • On the other hand, she loved to write, even though it was a funny script.
  • The comedy stand-up is her right hand, which focuses on topics such as eating hamburgers, tattoos, psychosis, waxing, etc.!
  • They comment even the most serious problems in a fun and lively way.
  • I regret that there is no intelligence needed to be an astronaut!
  • Urooj likes interacting with people on social networks. It is very popular on Twitter, Snapchat and others.
  • Fans think Urooj is a joke. You believe it too! However, she also wants to test. So the stage became her inspection room, which proved to the audience that she can easily tear laughter on everyone’s cheeks!

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