Urzila Carlson

Urzila Carlson is a South African-New Zealand comedian, actor, and author. She is adored for Netflix’s “Comedians of the World”. The woman is an Australian ambassador for South Africa. Moreover, she is a winner of various awards including New Zealand Comedy Guild Awards.

Name Urzila Carlson
Birthday 15 February 1976
Age 44 years old
Gender Female
Nationality South African-New Zealand
Profession Comedian/ Actor/ Author
Siblings 2
Married/Single Married
Wife Julie
Children 2
Instagram @urzilacarlson
Twitter @UrzilaCarlson

10 Facts on Urzila Carlson 

  1. Urzila Carlson (born on 15 February 1976) is a South African-New Zealand comedian, actor, and author. She is 44 years of age. Likewise, her sun sign is Aquarius.
  2. The lady has made up to Wikipedia and IMDb. Moreover, she has her name and details in most of the online portals.
  3. Carlson was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. But she migrated to New Zealand. Thus, she is of South African-New Zealand nationality. Her ethnicity is unknown.
  4. Urzila is a beautiful chubby woman. She has a decent height. Moreover, the lady is a plus-size woman. Overall, she has a dashing personality and a great sense of humor.
  5. Carlson is a lesbian. She came ut as one when she was just 24. Likewise, in 2014, she married her current wife, Julie. The couple has a son and a daughter. They should have adopted kids.
  6. Urzila’s parents divorced when she was a child. Besides, she has a brother and sister as siblings. There is no more information about her family members.
  7. Carlson initially worked as a typesetter for 12 years. Then, she became a production manager in Africa’s largest newspaper. Moreover, she won various awards for her amazing graphic designing skills.
  8. Urzila switched into comedy in 2008 after moving to New Zealand. Until now, she has performed in various shows across Australia and New Zealand.
  9. Carlson has acted in numerous TV series. But the lady is most admired for Netflix’s “Comedians of the World”.
  10. Urzila has an Instagram account with over 98.5 K followers. Similarly, she has a twitter account where she garners 25.2 K fans.