Video Accidente Freddy Rincon de Cali Colombia, Footballer In Hospital

‘Video Accidente Freddy Rincon’ has come out as a surprise. The former Colombian footballer has been severely hurt with a head injury.

An accident video of Freddy Rincon was reported on Calle 5 with Carrera 34 in the city of Cali.

It is that apparently, a feeder of the Mio crashed with a 4×4 truck, in which the former soccer player Freddy Rincon was seated. There has been speculation on whether he was driving while the accident occurred.

Video: Accidente Freddy Rincon de Cali Colombia, Footballer In Hospital

Video Accidente Freddy Rincon, a former Real Madrid midfielder, has surfaced on social media like Youtube and Twitter. The CCTV footage captured shows the horrific accident of the 55-year-old former football player.

Rincon was taken to the hospital on Monday morning after a car accident.

On the same day, Rincon’s car collided with an MIO bus near the Estadio Pascual Guerrero at 5 a.m in Cali, Colombia.

Passengers from both car and bus were taken to a Cali hospital, where Rincon has been placed in intensive care. His condition was described as critical.

The images of the accident were spread through social networks.

So far, it is not known what caused the collision between the vehicles.

However, the videos show the front part of the feeder was destroyed and that the black Ford truck had damage to the right side.

It has not yet been confirmed if Freddy Rincónwas driving the car at the time of the accident or if he was another passenger.

Freddy Rincon Muerte? Not Dead But In Critical Condition.

Freddy Rincon has not died (muerte) but is in critical condition due to a severe head injury.

Rincon was rushed from the crash scene at 5 a.m. local time to the private Imbanaco Clinic.

“With the permission of his family, we confirm that Freddy Eusebio Rincon Valencia was admitted to the clinic today,” the hospital said in a statement.

Furthermore, the hospital added, “Following an initial evaluation, the team of specialists in charge of the patient decided to proceed with the ongoing surgery.”

Freddy Rincon wife’s details are challenging to comprehend on the internet.

However, according to his Wikipedia page, he has a 28-year-old son, Sebastián Rincón, also a Colombian footballer.

Freddy joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on August 20, 2005. He was baptized in the Stake of So Paulo Perdizes in Brazil.

Rincon became the subject of a criminal investigation in Colombia and Panama in 2007.

He was accused of collaborating with cocaine kingpin Pablo Rayo Montao and money laundering.

After a request for extradition from Panama, police in So Paulo arrested him on May 10.