Video De Marmolada Crollo Incidente On Reddit and Twitter

Watch: Video De Marmolada Crollo Incidente has gone viral on Reddit and Twitter. The video is quite chilling and it reflects on the consequences of human activities on the environment. 

A mountain in Italy, Marmolada collapsed as a glacier started running off. The ice avalanche is one of the most fearsome things you will watch on the internet. Someone made a video, and now the video is getting viral on the internet. 

As per several unconfirmed reports, the rising temperature of the Dolomites range caused the collapse. There are reports of human casualties and people residing in the vicinity of the mountain are scared. 

Video De Marmolada Crollo Incidente: Watch The Video On Twitter 

Users on Reddit and Twitter can’t stop talking about the avalanche in Marmolada. 

If you watch the video, you can see the incident very clearly. A glacier collapses and runs down the mountain resulting in a huge ice avalanche. 

As per the reports, the avalanche claimed the lives of 6 people until now. 9 people have been found seriously injured and 16 more are missing. Authorities are conducting a thorough search via drones at the moment. 

You can easily watch the video on Twitter here. Also, many subreddit groups are talking about the incident as well. 

Marmolada Crollo Incidente: What Caused The Avalanche?

The crollo in Marmolada is a result of climate change, netizens say on social media. 

Many social media influencers and environmentalists are taking up the issue as an example of a consequence of climate change. The unmanaged rise of temperature can collapse mountains and glaciers which results in disasters like these taking lives and property. 

Until now, not a single media outlet has shared the news of the collapse. However, many people are keeping it on their Instagram and Facebook stories, building awareness among people of the effects of climate change. 

Marmolada Glacier Collapse: Reactions On Instagram And Reddit

A lot of Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit users have come forward regarding the avalanche in Marmolada. 

Many of the influencers are approaching it as an environmental issue and they think that it will be repeated if we don’t stop as soon as possible. Looking at the video, one might consider being environment-friendly. 

Marmolada is a mountain in northeastern Italy and the highest mountain of the Dolomites. It lies between the borders of Trentino and Veneto. It has a height of 3343 meters.