Was Andrew Zimmern In Rehab For His Addiction Problem?

Andrew Zimmern may seem healthy now in the past he was in rehab For his addiction problem. Learn what we know about it.

Zimmern is a Travel Channel co-creator, host, and consultant producer best known for his television series Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern.

Andrew Zimmern Cooks is a YouTube cookery webseries hosted by Zimmern. What’s Eating America, his show, will debut on MSNBC in 2020.

Did Andrew Zimmern Go To Rehab For His Drug Addiction? 

Yeah, Andrew Zimmern went to Rehab to overcome his Drug Addiction problem.

Throughout his teens and early twenties, he turned to drugs and alcohol to cope with his parents’ divorces and eventually his mother’s death.

He claims that after graduating from college, his difficulties simply got worse.

Eventually, the Travel Channel star found himself homeless and hiding in an abandoned building in lower Manhattan, stealing to support his drug habit—until he recognized he needed to make a change.

Only after friends and family staged an intervention did he enter rehab and get sober.

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Andrew Zimmern Family & Wife

Andrew Zimmern is married to Rishia Haas Zimmern, whom he met at a culinary school in Minnesota.

When Andrew ran into Rishia, she was the school’s kitchen stockist.

They were married in Minneapolis St. Paul on December 16, 2002, in a ceremony attended by their family and close friends.

Their marriage has since produced a kid, a son born three years after they married.

Zimmern was born in 1961 to Robert and Caren Zimmern and raised in a Jewish home in New York City. Caren Heyman Zimmern and Robert Zimmern were his parents.

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Andrew Zimmern Wiki Explored

Andrew Scott Zimmern is a chef, restaurateur, television and radio presenter, filmmaker, producer, businessman, food critic, and author from the United States.

Zimmern is a Travel Channel television series co-creator, host, and consultant producer.

Zimmern established Lucky Cricket, a Chinese restaurant, in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, in November 2018.

Zimmern is a senior editor at Delta Sky Magazine and a contributing editor and award-winning monthly columnist at Mpls. St. Paul Magazine.

His work as a freelance journalist has featured in a variety of national and international magazines.