What Actually Is “Santorini Challenge” TikTok?

Santorini Challenge is famous on TikTok once again. It is based on a song by Gamma Lab. The song was released on 15th September 2021 but it is being noticed by the public recently after it was used on Tiktok videos. 

Gamma Lab is a French artist who hails from Guadeloupe. In the video, ladies were seen jamming on the song with casual clothes on. And when the beat changes, they changed their clothes into beachwear and twerked. 

Many ladies have accepted the challenge and created videos. Almost 50,000 people have taken the challenge till now. 

Santorini Challenge Videos Explained

Many users have uploaded the videos showing Santorini Challenge. The challenge is to jam on the song named Santorini and quickly change their cloth into beachwear and then twerk at the end. 

People are sharing the videos not only on Tiktok but also on Twitter. Some cyberians also made funny memes out of this challenge. 

There is no evidence of how the challenge started. However, some netizens said that it started in Kenya, and most of the girls in the video are Kenyans. 

Gamma Lab Song Santorini On Trend

Gamma Lab song, Santorini, is currently on-trend. The song was released on a Youtube channel of the singer in September 2021. The song accumulated views on the platform as well. 

She has 1.26k followers and the song has 254,443 views. There is rarely any information about her on the web.