What Did Karla Homolka Do To Her Sister? Reddit Story

Karla Homolka was the suspect for the murder of her sister, Tammy Homolka, back in 1990. 

There have been several stories on Reddit regarding the case, though it occurred thirty years ago.

Bernardo and Homolka drugged Tammy with the animal sedative on December 23, 1990, after a Christmas party at the Homolka home.

Tammy was then raped while she was unconscious by the duo. Tammy subsequently died after choking on her vomit.

Sadly, she was only fifteen years old when Karla and Paul slaughtered her. 

Karla got sentenced only to 12 years in prison for murdering her sister and kidnapping, rapping, torturing, and killing two other people.

Several Reddit users have suggested that the serial murderer be put behind prison for a long time with her ex-husband.

“It’s just so unfair that her sister Tammy Homolka never got to experience life,” some people feel for her sister.

Who Are Karla Homolka Parents?

Dorothy Homolka and Karel Homolka are Karla Homolka’s parents. She was born to them in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Her father, Karel, is a former traveling salesman and a Czechoslovakian immigrant.

He informed the Canadian Press after his daughter’s release in 2005 that he was not ready to rekindle his relationship with her.

“Not me, anyway,” Karel answered when asked if her father would be present to meet his daughter when she concluded her sentence.

On the other hand, her mother, Dorothy, is a mystery since she has refused to talk to the media about her daughter’s misdeeds.

During Karla’s trial in the 1990s, Dorothy allegedly testified that Bernardo had beaten her daughter and she had also been a victim of his violence.

Karla Homolka Husband – Is She Married?

Karla Homolka is presently happily married to her husband, Thierry Bordelais, brother of Karla’s attorney.

After spending twelve years in prison for her crime, Karla and Bordelais married in 2005.

Before that, Homolka was married to a serial killer Paul Bernardo from 1991 to 1994. 

Karla and Paul committed multiples of crimes together until she reported in 1994 that Bernardo abused her.

Her ex got sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of first-degree murder, abduction, and aggravated sexual assault, among other crimes.

Meanwhile, Karla lives with Thierry in the Montreal suburb of Chateauguay with three kids, two sons, and a daughter. 

Is Karla Homolka Still In Jail?

No, Karla Homolka is not still in jail; she got freed on July 5, 2005. 

She gave her first televised interview to Radio-Canada and spoke exclusively in French. 

Homolka said to Joyce Napier that she preferred Radio Canada because it was less sensationalist than the English-language media. 

She also mentioned that Quebec had been more tolerant of her than Ontario. She stated that she would be residing in the province, although she did not specify where. 

Furthermore, Homolka added she had legally paid her societal due, but not emotionally or socially.