What Does David Beckham’s Tattoo Say?

On his left ribcage, Beckham wears several tattoos, including the date 1975 (his birth year), “We Love You Daddy,” and “Mum & Dad.”

These words are joined perpendicularly by a passage from Confucius’ The Analects (生死有命,富貴由天), which runs down to his left hip and means, roughly, “life and death have determined appointments; riches and honor depend upon heaven.”

The former footballer has at least 67 identifiable tattoos all over his masculine built body.

On the left side of Beckham’s neck, he wears two tattoos for his daughter: the name “Harper” in cursive below the words “Pretty Lady.”

Above the latter, Beckham then later tattooed a rose near the words “I love you,” which wraps around to the back of his neck.

Flying above the rose toward Beckham’s left ear is a flock of birds. On Beckham’s tragus (that little fold by the ear canal), Beckham has a tiny rose. On the ear itself, he has a black heart.

The birds also fly up to the left side of his head, where he has a model of the solar system—often hidden in his hair. On the back of his neck is a gothic-style crucifix with wings just above the name for his son, “Romeo.”

Moving to Beckham’s front, he has another rose on his throat next to the words “dadda do it,” the subject and verb of which is split by a black horse, reportedly representing his wife, Victoria.

There’s also a written tattoo across his collarbone, though the words are hard to make out. On his right in the same position as the “Harper,” Beckham wears a tattoo for his son Brooklyn. The tattoo, also in cursive, reads “Buster,” Brooklyn’s nickname.