What Does Josh Emmett Tattoos Mean? UFC Fighter Gets Victory Over Calvin Kattar

Josh Emmett’s tattoos are the next thing his followers admired after his fighting skills in UFC.

An American professional MMA fighter, Josh Emmett, is often known by his ring name, The Fighting Falmer. His nickname seems to have arisen with his powerful energy that gets the better of his opponent.

He was in the Lightweight division for around three years before fighting in the Featherweight class. What’s more, he is currently ranked four in the UFC featherweight rankings.

A professional competitor, The Fighting Falmer, has been in the ring for over a decade, impressing his thousands of followers. But, more than that, his interesting tattoos have caught people’s eye.

Let’s dig out if there is any hidden meaning behind the eye-catchy tattoo of the UFC fighter.

What Does Josh Emmett Tattoos Mean?

UFC fighter Josh Emmett is fond of tattoos and has been open about it. Previously, he revealed about admiring the Japanese arts and being a big fan of it.

What was more blissful for him was the great tattoo artist Bill Liberty lived close by him. There are several tattoos on his arms, mainly representing cherry blossoms and written words on his body.

He got a tiki masked inked on his chest area, followed by the cherry blossom flower, water, and lotus flower, forming a beautiful piece of art. And all of these seem to have come from his liking of Japanese art.

Besides, Josh has several other tats like a skull on his other arm, a bomb on his wrist, writing on his body, and much more. He started getting a tattoo when he was young and got his first on his 18th birthday.

A unique yet beautiful concept of having his right arm colored and left in black and gray has created a tempting combination.

Josh Emmett Recent Injuries And Recovery From ACL

Josh Emmett is currently shining on UFC after coming back from two severe injuries. He has returned to the ring after recovering from his recent knee injury with an ACL tear.

The past two years have been difficult for Emmett due to an injury to his left leg. He sustained the damage during his fights and got sidelined until his recovery.

The damage was the second blow to the fighter, who faced a severe condition in 2018 when he lost his fight to Jeremy Stephens after a series of hits on his head and a knockout.

And days after getting examined while following his wife’s instinct, he found that the condition was more severe than it looked.

Who Is Josh Emmett Wife Vanessa Emmet?

The UFC fighter Josh Emmett is married to his wife, Vanessa, who has been with him during his difficult hours. The pair have been with each other, for a long time, with unbreakable bonding.

The high school sweethearts who turned into a happily married couple remain inseparable. Growing up in their career together,  they are known as one of the most supportive couples in the UFC.

Besides, Vanessa is also a social media personality with thousands of followers on her Instagram.

Josh Emmett Net Worth In 2022 As Featherweight Fighter

As of 2022, Josh Emmett estimated net worth is approximately above $1 million, based on his fighting career and his earnings as of 2022.

He is a professional MMA fighter in contract with UFC and is known to have a base salary of roughly $78,000.