What Exactly Happened To Zyzz? Bodybuilder Death Cause Is Linked With Excess Steroids Use

Zyzz was an Australian bodybuilder, model, and social media influencer. He rose to prominence as Australia’s poster boy for bodybuilding aesthetics.

The bodybuilder successfully marketed a variety of supplements for muscle and wrote the book “Zyzz’s Bodybuilding Bible.” In mid-2011, he began filming “National Road Trip,” a reality show.

Likewise, he frequently featured on bodybuilding news websites and gave interviews to populate sources such as “Simply Shredded”. By all accounts, Zyzz appeared to be on track to make a name for himself in the bodybuilding world.

What Exactly Happened To Zyzz?

During a month-long trip to Thailand, the pin-up bodybuilder from Sydney known as “Zyzz” died after using a sauna.

The post-mortem report revealed that a previously undiagnosed congenital heart defect had caused the cardiac arrest; however, no toxicology report was made public.

Moreover, his belongings, including his laptop, wallet, and clothes, were stolen from his Bangkok hotel room after his death.

He is remembered by his fans, who continue to post tribute videos and discuss bodybuilding on his subreddit.

Bodybuilder ZYZZ Death Linked With Steroids Reaction

There is a persistent rumor that Zyzz used steroids to change his appearance and match the guys we see in magazines. At the time, he was a complex, skinny teenager who struggled with girls and played a lot of video games.

However, as many of the responses indicate, he strongly refuted these allegations.

He died suddenly in a Thai sauna when he was only 22 years old. The autopsy revealed that he had an undiagnosed heart defect that could have killed him at any time.

Anabolic steroids, on the other hand, have always been linked to heart problems. Taking steroids could have hastened his heart failure.

Furthermore, his brother, Said Shavershian, was arrested for steroid possession shortly before his death. As a result, we will never know if Zyzz actually died as a result of his use of steroids.

What Is ZYZZ Bodybuilder’s Real Name? His Wiki Bio

The bodybuilder’s full name is Aziz Sergeyevich Shavershian. He was born on 24th March, 1989.

He was raised in a well-established Russian family from Moscow. His family relocated to Eastwood, NSW, Australia. He was of Russian origin and has his belief in Christianity religion.

His early education was completed in Sydney, Australia’s Marist College Eastwood high school. Later, he enrolled at the University of Western Sydney, where he earned his degree in business and commerce.

After completing high school, he joined a local gym and started learning about nutrition and training in order to pursue his dream of becoming a bodybuilder, with the encouragement of his bodybuilding brother. He would work out in the gym for three to four hours each day.

Additionally, he had a YouTube channel where he posted his bodybuilding-related videos. He has amassed a significant fan base through various social media platforms. He continued to engage with his audience by educating them on how to take care of their bodies.

Where Is ZYZZ Family Today?

According to Said Shavershian’s Instagram post, ZYZZ’s family currently resides in California in the United States.

Said posted the photo on August 5, 2021, with the caption, “10 years today Aziz….wow where does the time go, it still feels like yesterday when we were side by side conquering life together.”

We can tell from the post that his family still misses him and cannot believe he is no longer with them.