What Happened To Christopher Guest More Jr? 

Christopher was an undercover TV researcher who served in Channel 4. He is recently found guilty of brutally murdering a 44-year-old man Brian Waters. 

Upon going for the re-trial for a month, the jury has declared him guilty of murder. 43-years-old, More Jr, tortured Brian in front of his children and brutally killed him. 

Brian got murdered for his drug debt of over £20,000. The tragic incident took place at a Cheshire farmhouse. 

As the jury has convicted Christopher of torture and killing, he will be facing punishment by the law.  

Christopher Guest More Jr – Guilty Of Brian Waters Murder 

Christopher was found guilty of killing Brian Waters. The victim got tortured for more than four hours with 123 injuries. 

As per the report, he was hung upside down, got a whip, drowned, used a staple gun on him, and burnt with acid. 

The poor victim was dead due to multiple injuries in his body like a broken nose, ribs fractured, heart bruised, bleeding brain, and a broken breastbone. 

The heinous act took place in front of his children. After a long re-trial of Christopher, he got announced guilt of killing Brians. 

Christopher Guest More Jr Trial And Verdict

The murder trial happened at the Chester Crown Court for a month. With the court finally announcing Christopher as a murderer, there will be no trial hereafter. 

Moreover, the verdict got delivered to the court after deliberating for 12 hr and 14 min. According to the Warrington Guardian, Justice Peter Openshaw will pass on a sentence to him on Friday. 

With this, the court has closed the case of brutal torture and murder of Brian Waters. Christopher has been a wanted man a long time ago. 

The police were able to find him with his link to the murder case.