What Happened To Denny Hamlin? Pocono Raceway Disqualification Controversy

Dennis Hamlin is an American professional stock car racer and he is also a NASCAR team owner.

He participates in the NASCAR Cup Series on a full-time basis, piloting the No. 11 Toyota Camry for Joe Gibbs Racing.

At Pocono, Denny Hamlin was the first to cross the finish line, and there was no reason to think that would change. However, the unexpected revelation that Hamlin and Kyle Busch, who finished in the second position, had been disqualified during a post-race inspection shocked the racing community hours later.

What Happened To Denny Hamlin?

After winning and placing first and second in a Cup Series race, Denny Hamlin and Kyle Busch’s vehicles from Joe Gibbs Racing were disqualified. Chase Elliott, who had finished the race in third place, was awarded the victory after a post-race inspection by NASCAR officials.

Following the race, the two drivers’ vehicles were inspected and declared ineligible.

According to Fox Sports’ Bob Pockrass and the managing director of the NASCAR Cup Series, Brad Moran, extra material on the front fascia of the vehicles impaired their aerodynamics to the point it called for disqualification.

Both vehicles, according to Moran, are going to the NASCAR research and development facility.

“The final results have been altered to reflect the two DQs, and they now have the option to file an appeal. It will all be resolved by the next week, “explained Moran. “I can’t go into all the specifics of the problems, but both vehicles had the same problem and, regrettably, they couldn’t pass inspection,”

Denny Hamlin Disqualification Controversy -Where Is He Now?

Denny Hamlin made a contentious decision that had an impact on the gambling industry as well. Elliott, who finished third and never led a lap, was crowned the victor.

According to the Associated Press, NASCAR claimed that since April 17, 1960, no apparent winner had been disqualified. Even though NASCAR implemented new disqualification rules in 2019, this was an uncommon incident.

“Following the event’s conclusion, all wagers will be settled following the preliminary results provided by the governing organization. After the race ends, any changes to the finishing order that result from appeals, fines, or scoring errors won’t be considered.”

In other terms, the winner is the person who reaches the finish line first. That was Hamlin in Sunday’s race. On Monday morning, BetMGM declared that the Elliott tickets would not be honored.

Many people gambled on Elliott as well.

Denny Hamlin Girlfriend After Jordan Fish

After Jordan Fish, Denny Hamlin doesn’t appear to be dating anyone. Jordan revealed the NASCAR driver in a string of tweets on September 1, 2021.

The video zoomed in on a book with the words “you are worthy” underlined, and the story’s caption read, “Some words you might need to hear today.”

Since then, she has made her Instagram profile private and deleted her Twitter account.

Fans, however, we’re interested to find out if she was speaking the truth or if her Twitter account had been hacked.

In her tweets, Hamlin’s girlfriend hinted that he wasn’t a good father and spouse, but she didn’t discuss specifics.