What Happened To Girlgangz7733 aka Erin? Alleged Baby Father ‘Joe’ And Fake Pregnancy Drama

Girlgangz7733 aka Erin’s story is very complicated and esoteric in a sense that only her followers know about all the drama it followed. As of now, there is no active account of her known to the public.

Let’s find out more about what happened to Girlgangz7733.

There are many allegations against the social media celebrity ranging from faking her pregnancy in front of her fan. However, none of these have been proven because she seems to have been disappeared from the limelight.

According to the last reports about her, she seems to have posted many screenshots of her chat with her friends. These screenshots made news and were a topic of discussion among her followers for a long time and still now.

What Happened To Girlgangz7733? Instagram

As per the last media coverage of Girlgangz7733, she was in controversy after releasing a series of private conversation screenshots. This was covered by many media because it was a concerning controversy with manny celeb names.

However, after that, she seems to have disappeared from social media. Her official account named Girlgangz7733 is not available on Instagram. She might have made it private or deactivated it.

When it was last seen it had over 100,000 followers, so the account was not random because it had a massive number of activities. The reason behind this account’s disappearance is still unclear and unanswered.

Maybe she or her close friends might come forward for her sudden disappearance. her followers are very worried about her and what she has been doing. People talk about her on Reddit quite often and wonder about her.

Girlgangz7733 Alleged Baby Father & Fake Pregnancy

Girlgangz7733 claimed that she was pregnant and alleged that the man named Joe was her baby’s father. However, later, the news came that the alleged pregnancy was fake. Many people were shocked to find out.

The alleged baby father Joe also came forward saying that she was not pregnant. There are many threads on Reddit discussing this particular incident and the aftermath of this fiasco. Redditors still wonder why would she do something like that.

Although the activity on Reddit about this particular topic was plummeting for some time, it has again made its comeback. People are posting old Instagram story screenshots which content messages posted by Erin.

There is not much thing that is available in this controversy that can be considered official, so everything is only a rumor. Thus, people should not take Reddit posts at face value.