What Happened To Haley Bertolet? Toni Henthorn Daughter & Family

Haley Bertolet came to the limelight after the murder case done by her father’s document was released on Hulu. We have more on the incident.

Haley is the daughter of Toni Bertolet, who her husband killed. Her husband killed Toni in 2012. The case was confirmed after the detective found the suspicious activity. We will discuss that later.

After the death of the mother and father being convicted to jail for a lifetime, Haley was taken care of by Toni’s maiden family. However, the child who was seven then was not captured by the media for a long time.

Recently, the series was released on Hulu, featuring the murder done by her father.

What Happened To Haley Bertolet?

Her mother’s family took Haley Bertolet after her father was jailed for a lifetime.

Her mother, Toni, was killed by her father, Harold Henthorn. Toni died on September 29, 2012, nine years ago. Harold did not only killed her mother, but he also killed his first wife, Lynn.

The case of Lynn was still under investigation, and Toni died in the car accident. The death of Toni made the case suspicious, and then later detective convicted him on the murder charge.

Haley’s mother and father were married for a certain time. They were not able to have a child. After many tries, they finally had Haley. During the time when Toi was not able to bear the child, their relation was not on track. But Toni hoped it would get better after Haley was born.

Unfortunately, it went out of the track. Once while they were traveling in the car and Haley was in the cabin, their car crashed. Harold went out and called Toni to clean the Debris, and he scummed her to death the second she got out of the car.

However, he left Haley alive as the insurance of Toni was in Haley’s name.

Toni Henthorn Daughter- Haley Bertolet Family

As mentioned earlier, Haley Bertolet is the daughter of Toni Henthorn.

Talking more about her family, the father is the murderer of her mother and his first wife.

Her uncle is Barry Bertolet, brother of her mother. Haley took the last name from her maternal family.

Haley Bertolet Age- Where Is She Now?

Haley Bertlot’s age is currently 16 years old. She is now living with her maternal uncle.

She was born in 2005, but her actual birthday is still unknown. Although he has grown a teen as of now, her social media profile is not discovered yet.

There is a slight chance that her maternal uncle has adopted her as she has taken the last name of them. But there is no confirmed news on that.

Haley was last seen with her uncle, i.e., Toni’s brothers, in the year 2018. After that, she was never seen publicly.